Global warming has and will continue to ramp up, perched on the forefront of modern civilization we are being urged to listen. Currently we are hearing shocking scientific information and in fact, experiencing unusual shifts of climatic conditions worldwide.

Industrialized nations must reinvent their insatiable appetite for consumption. We are closing in on a time in human modernism when corporate governance must address the demons of the past, governments and consumerism will need to “check in” and re-evaluate the design.

Our observations at ACA have concluded that the last three years have been noticeably unlike any other that we can remember. Snow fall has been replaced by rain and we’ve lived with consecutive months where temperatures remain far above freezing. Southern Ontario which hugs Lake Ontario from Kingston on throughout the eastern beltway and west towards Niagara, Lake Erie and Sarnia has traditionally been snow covered.

The 2006 Whitetail deer season experienced no snow during the three months our group hunted, other than a dusting which lasted a few short days. Area’s known to ‘yard’ deer consistently proved barren this year in comparison to 5 years ago. Up until the last day December 31, a sporadic and inconsistent herd of animals moved through our ‘hotbed’, proving that the deer were off their patterned behavior and impossible to figure out.

Perhaps the age of global warming will tweak our standard methods of hunting Whitetails. It would be diligent to prepare ourselves for the possible disruption of the old behavioral patterns into a new age of warm winter Whitetails. Certainly warm weather will host the possibility of an unpredictable rut. Cold temperatures trigger these animals into huge swings in their behavior from scraping, rubs and fighting, all essentially related to elevated testosterone triggered by cold weather. Imagine an October through to November where temperatures hover at 60 degrees… consistently.

Now is the time to contemplate these important issues and begin a scientific analysis of your own. Accessible Canadian Adventures would be interested in hearing what you have to say. If you are willing to share your observations with us, we would document the information and post it on

Happy 2007

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