Ground Blinds

Where to place a ground blind can be daunting.
Finding the travel route of a Buck is to some degree predicable, scouting for tracks, scrape lines and rubs are indications he’s biding time in the area. Coaxing him out of the timber by calling or rattling is an exciting heart pounding thrill, however that old ghost lives by his rules and he will hang back in the shadows and wait it out which can seem like eternity. There will be times he’ll be  cruising, unsuspecting of danger or perhaps tending a scrape line and your face to face with him, the intensity has been known to bring on the dreaded ‘Buck fever’ syndrome, a dreaded condition cured only by intensive therapy with your ego.

Ground blinds are an exciting strategy in the art of hunting Whitetails. Historically, man has hunted from these setups, their quick assembly can be crude or quite elaborate, the majority of disabled hunters will find themselves implementing this age old technique…bottom line is that they work. Being face to face ground level and staring into the eyes of a big animal cannot be experienced 20 feet up a tree.  A variety of important details must be taken into consideration, proper wind direction is likely the most critical element to hunting ground blinds, scent control, scent control and scent control is the ultimate tactic working for you in pursuit of success. Cover scents are an important tool, they disguise traces of human odors, usually an estrous doe scent or Buck in rut tarsal scent will put the odds in your favor. Recently a doe stood 15 yards outside a ground blind I was tending, she propelled her nose up and tasted for those invisible pheromones in the air, she literally had her tongue licking the air.
When it all comes together, the posturing stance of a large Whitetail standing 20 yards in front of you is an adrenalin rush of monumental proportions. Nostrils flared and it’s instincts in high gear, the hairs erect on his back, your heart rate pounding, the emotion of deep primal memory running through your veins. These ground attacks are awesome to experience.

The ultimate decision is made by the Whitetail, their acute and intimate knowledge of the surrounding terrain is in their favor… they dictate which trail is suitable for their needs, we as hunters are at the mercy of their incredible olfactory instincts, our best guess can be dead wrong or dead right!

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