Girlie Men

This ancient sacrament which pulls the seeker towards the beast cannot camouflage the reality that some of us will be sleeping alone.

As steam rises from my coffee cup, the eyes focus 2 feet across the table on a sign which reads ‘Open’. My colleague/hunting pal grins from ear to ear and announces his ritual countdown, “only ten days left and Whitetail season opens”. This tradition of hunting deer elevates the testosterone in both man and beast. Our wives call it obsessive compulsive disorder, we call it hunting.

We should consider ourselves fortunate souls, especially those of us whose spouses understand and support our passion. I recall old friends whose women treated their men with contempt or assumed that this hunting ‘thing’ is taking time away from their lives. Perhaps by choice or circumstance the decision to surrender will not provide venison nor will it encourage soulful memories, the latter being most important for any solid relationship to thrive

In turn, those of us unleashed in our pursuit of wild game must oblige to support our women and encourage them to pursue their passions. Those sportsmen who share time with their women hunting can claim victory. My good friend’s deceased father stated that one of his daughters was “as good as any man in the woods”, in fact she could skin, quarter and trek meat out of the bush as fast as any man… what a woman!

So any of you out there in cyber-wilderness who are feeling anxious about the 2006 season, take a suggestion, be good to your women and book a B&B together with no kids. The evening will pay dividends and when you consider all the money you’ve spent on tags, gear, ammo, tree stand’s, ground blinds, coffee, guns, bows and scent lok, three hundred dollars is inexpensive considering the cost of separation, divorce or other.

Happy Hunting