Technology makes the impossible possible.  The birth of new age media software has opened a larger door for the imagination, providing fresh creative outlets and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Accessible Canadian Adventures “fotograffiti” together with “RJ Outdoor Images” enjoys sharing our outdoors “moments” and we promise to continue to do so.

Many of the visitors who regularly  frequent the site ( ) inform us that they enjoy the quality images and understand that hundreds of hours are invested in the search. If the intention in the quest of that perfect shot is pure, eventually the lens will capture IT.

“Photography is merely to discover, collect, arrange, create, anticipate or provoke exquisite subject matter; and then to choose, invent, or patiently wait for that properly illuminating and perfectly enhancing light, in order to utilize the proper electronic and mechanical equipment, and the optical and chemical principles and processes, which isolate, immobilize, and capture the combination forever in a visually meaningful and aesthetically interesting way.”
(Author Unknown)