Securely padded down in a swale of cedars wearing my preferred “Ronyn” silent fleece, I prepare for an evening Whitetail hunt. Using the aromatic scent of the cedar copse to disguise my scent along with ACA’s private blend of ‘U-stink’, I conclude we’re ready to test our luck against a champ.

I’ve elected to sit low to the earth in a ground attack, facing out towards 300 yards of mixed sage grass and swamp. The area in Caledon boasts some enormous bucks which are using this low wetland to disguise their movement and head to the timber directly behind, likely one hundred & fifty yards to the west.  We’ve proven that the majority of their day is passed bedding in the deep low lying mixed wetland moss and cattails and varied intermittingly with elevated mounds of hardwood. 

At 3:00pm my eyes pick up on two shiny white posts traveling through the grass. I’m guessing one hundred and twenty yards out and facing north east. No sign of body, but a glorious set of antlers moving in tandem. As I prepare to collect my binoculars the 8 point leaps from the grass onto a mound of raised mire. There in front of me is a stunning display of nature’s divine providence, two-hundred and fifty pounds of evolutionary excellence. 

The adrenalin has kicked into high gear and I notice his attention is directed towards the cedar copse. Unclear is my prediction on his movement however he is fixed on my position. In an explosive burst of power, the buck kicks into overdrive and is gone. 

At 6:10pm, immediately behind my setup I hear a “click”. In the silence, the ‘click’ is clearly the sound of an antler touching up against a branch, certainly an attention getter. It is difficult moving 180 degrees from a ground position, especially when a monster buck is peering through a crack in the fence motionless; and your heart is pounding like a hammer. 

With a head the size of a steer and a 10 point rack with posts as thick as a mans wrist, all he needs to do is step 5 yards north and the ‘wasp’ will connect. However the buck step’s back and retraces his route and vanishes.

 Hunting trophy deer is a thrill personified, testing your wits against such an opponent and being successful is not as easy as it may seem, especially with a crossbow.

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