Al Bino VooDoo

CPA’s infamous and internationally recognized poster boy for the 2006 spring turkey hunt, P. Stamper, joined Accessible Canadian Adventures president on a turkey hunt that will remain forever deeply etched in our minds. At approximately 10:00AM in the hills of Caledon along a contiguous soya bean field, came a flurry of gobbles so intense that chills ran up our spines. A congregate of wild turkeys, were heading no more than 50 yards from our position lead by 3 mature hens.

Calling with soft corporeal purrs on an H.S Strut ‘Champion’ box call, the boss gobbler hit a throaty ‘gobble’ like a title holder. Not seconds into our flirtatious exchange, the gobbler along with 3 hens, one shadow Tom and 2 Jakes sauntered up the fence line inquisitive and searching.

Patrick was sitting 5 yards to my left, his crossbow was lying in the grass and his eyes fixed on something reminiscent of a 60’s flashback. I recognized the glazed stare of ill preparedness which usually creates a chain reaction that can go either way.

Seconds after my unmerited synopsis, 3 hens nervously motioned in front of my position looking for the sweet and sultry caller. Clucking nervously past my locale, this spectacular trophy Tom struts within 3 arm lengths and has no idea as to what is about to happen. Hands almost surgically occupied in working the box call, I wanted more than anything to make certain that this was going to be Patrick’s first trophy ‘Boss’ Tom.

Cautiously veering my sight line towards Patrick, I see him motion the bow to take aim. In front of him is the sultan of Toms and 20 yards out are two inquisitive Jakes keeping their mindful distance and careful not to upset the dominant male. Patrick trips the safety and the bolt strikes the Jake on the top left shoulder. The flock scatters in every direction.

The Jake is running in circles and drops. I couldn’t believe his decision to unload on the little guy! He’d taken a hale Mary shot (at the wrong bird) twenty yards out, losing his only chance that season to harvest a truly magnificent bird.

Naturally, the first reaction was to question him on his decision as to why he took the high road. Looking somewhat shaken, Patrick confessed that the last time he felt his heart pounding with such intensity, was his first solo flight in preparation for his pilots license

This monster Tom hypnotized shocked and mesmerized the shooter.
We hunted for the elusive white headed Tom weeks after the Stamper encounter but failed to connect. The grand bird has respectively been named ‘Al Bino’. The months leading into the spring 2007 will certainly be filled with thoughts of outwitting this incredible monster Tom.

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