2006 Turkey Talk

Southern Ontario blossoms into another spring season turning on the sweet sounds of mimicking eastern wild turkeys. Now I know there are pugnacious, hardcore turkey hunters who are far too serious in their way of thinking. This is an absolutely hilarious sporting event that should be cherished and embraced with humility. Many intrepid men have tried their providence in filling a tag. We believe a dose of hilarity brings fortune to the dinner table far above the serious approach.

From time to time, Wylie and I have laughed every gobbler out of the county with our outbursts of bad calling techniques. Telling jokes on our radio ‘communicators’ has provided us with unique ways of passing the time. This sidebar or momentary lapse of concentrated effort has created memories which we revisit frequently throughout the year. Joy filled hunts include it all, serious attention to spin doctoring, story building, bragging, put downs, put ups and memories. Factually, we have always filled our turkey tags during the first 2 weeks of the season.

As we mention often on our ACA website, being a part of the solution is actively getting involved, encouraging disabled and able individuals to join you in a spring turkey hunt. All of us are responsible for shooting bullets of happiness, sharing that magical concept which makes the world a better place to enjoy and survive. Let me also mention, disabilities include mental health as well, if someone you know is in need of mentoring or time away from the stresses of life, take them along into the supernatural thrill you call spring turkey hunting.

This year we heard the sad news that a good friend and hunting buddy of Jay Wilson’s passed away prematurely. ACA dedicates our 2006 season to you.

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