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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Young 7 Point

Young 7 point

A sequence of shots of a young 7 point that came in to some soft contact grunts from a cedar bedding area a few years ago , down the trail , urine marked the scrape and right up under the tree ...

The beauty ten point that made it thru the season .... I found one side of his drop off's in the spring ....we will be watching for him this fall .

Sandman and I were with the late Mikey V. when he took his 1st beauty mature buck this past fall .... I just picked up the mount for his wife last month .... It was not his first buck but he was most proud of this one ...Here are a couple of pic's of Mikey V. using his climber , Mike with his 2004 buck ... and sniper Sandman on stand .

I hope Mikey V. is watching over us during our adventures this season !

Here is another Mark Henegar laminate .... it found a home with another forum member ..... and a picture of my very first relayer that forum member Desertrat hand painted with a beauty camo pattern as well as a picture painted on the stock of the nicest buck I took with it .

Misc bucks in the field , and bucks down ...

Misc does under the tree ....

Some nice winter doe shots ....

My favorite " The End " shots ..... Sniper Sandman with his 1st turkey a couple of seasons back .... and CH hiking in , to end his dry spell , the season of the " CH charity deer hunt "  Laughing


" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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