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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Wild weather swings but we keep at it
First off , Congrat's to all the successfull hunters that have posted their recent harvest's ... some awsome field shots coming in as well ... great work guys and gals !

As I posted earlier , we stared out the week with some decent weather and a crew of 7 guys

CH got a gnarly old buck on opening day ... he got to hunt two days with his dad , and had a blast ...

Tuesday night , the group spilt up ( guys heading back to work etc. ) leaving only Randy and myself to tough it out Wednesday ... ( not easy with two guys when crews on surrounding farms are running up to 12 a group ) ( lots of pressure on the deer , and they are getting scarse in our area ... heading to properties with no hunter access )

Randy and I move around scouting farm to farm ... Weather is still good and I got this picture Wednesday morning as the sun crept up thru the trees ...

There is that few minuets during the sun rise , when it lights up the clouds and sky behind the farm with cool colors ...

Randy tries a new climber spot ... but only gets a glimpes of a deer moving across the fenceline towards another farm ..

Later Wednesday afternoon ... the bottoms drop out of the clouds , and some hail blows in ...

The weather breaks again , and only thing that I see from my next climber spot is one of many small birds that drop in for a visit ...

A missed shot , and lost doe on Tuesday , gave my confidence a knock , but I shook it off and got a " Jack Rabbit Double " when Randy was finished one of the last drives Wednesday afternoon ...

Thursday morning I was on my own ( Randy back to work and the rest of the crew gone as well ) ... I scoped out another property we use to hunt , got permission again and went in to set up around 6:35 am ... unfortunately there was another crew in place there , so I skirted their position and headed thru a clear cut between two farms ...

With a late start that morning , and two controlled hunt tags in my pocket , I was starting to second guess the extra tag purchase ... but lucked out when I saw this six point cruising across the field at the second farm ... He was travelled with his head down ... I grunted at him and he eventually angled across to my side of the field and , close enough to make a clean 45 yard shot .

Tagged and loaded , I get a call from CH to meet for breakfast ( he got off work )

We drive to the butcher and I get a look at one of the bigger bucks that came from our area ...

CH and I spend the rest of the day doing single man drives , but only move coyotes , and the weather bottoms out with gail force wind and snow ..

We don't even take an evening stand as the wind continues to howl ..

Today , Friday ... The weather is awsome ! CH gets another day off work , so we meet for breakfast and make a plan ... We find fresh scrape activity on one farm and follow , buck track thru the muddy field edge that leads to a cedar swail ...

We are in stealth mode .... Only wisper and hand signals now ... CH motions to me , he is going to circle round and do a silent push towards me from the North ...

Within minuets I see the buck spilt out between us heading west ... too far for me to shoot with open sights , and I see it bolt out of sight .

CH sprints towards the fence row ( I'm thinking yeah right , good luck ! ) ...

Then I hear a crack from his old faithfull Scoped Remington 870 Wingmaster " Sniper " slug gun !

As I crest the hill he's yelling to me " I got him ! " ...

I yell back " No freaking way ! " ...

But minuets later here is Chris posing for a picture ! Laughing  ( 80 yards at a dead run and he's down ! )

Dragged and tagged ... some points are broken off from fighting I guess he would have been a 12 point ...

As CH heads to the butcher , I take and evening stand at a different farm ... the weather is perfect ! ... I pass a small buck missing one side , and end the evening with a quick picture , of one of two does that came out approx 65 yards from my location ...

Good luck to all that venture out tomorrow for the last day of our November Controlled hunt ... shoot straight and have a safe hunt !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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