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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
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Wednesday, May 1st Randy's First Turkey!
We started the day watching the sun come up in a bush lot I had scouted yesterday ... the farmer was gracious enough to grant me permission ... I saw many birds the evening before but this morning all we heard was distant gobble ...

Randy has been one of my hunting partners for many years but this was his first attempt at bagging a turkey ... he sat thru the turkey course last month and I was hoping to let him see " how it is done " today ...

I was a little disappointed we didn't get more action ... We walked the property to try to get a locate call but no luck ...

We headed out for breakfast , then later ventured into the field to scout and walk it off !

We scouted many spots ... tried locating calls , but no luck ... the sun was in and out of the clouds = an overall beauty day ...

We saw many critters in our travels ... here are some shots I got today as we moved from one location to another ...

A bull frog caught my eye on one property ...

We saw a Cormerant in a fresh water pond / creek ... man those dirty birds are everywhere now !

Saw a ground hog peeking up out of his hole ...

Speaking of holes .... can anyone tell me what makes these tunnel holes / mud huts above the ground??

Saw some Guinea fowl on another farm ...

But from farm to farm ... it was the same thing ... turkey droppings , turkey tracks (none with any feet in them!) ... but no turkeys! ... not even answer call ...

Finally ... I get a response ( gobble ) from a cedar and pine stand along the river ...

Randy sets up low with his " Black Beauty " 870 Remington pump , and I set up high along the field edge with my new Excalibur Vortex ... to make a long story short ... I coax a beauty Tom across the field ... he heads straight towards me and when he hangs up at 35 yards ... he seems like he is staring right thru my Lumizone scope ... I send a 2216 with a 130 grain Wasp broadhead on board right thru the middle of him! ... he somersaults into the air ... my arrow cartwheels past him and he flys/stumbles awkwardly towards the bush ...

I find my arrow ... it looks in good shape ... the broadhead is pristine ... it has a small amount of blood and " turkey tissue " on it ...

I follow the birds flight path and find the bird just inside the bush ... laying flat out in some tall cover ... about 25 yard recovery distance ... the Vortex did it's job !!

I hoist him onto a delapitated shed for a picture and collect Randy for a bout of " high fives " .... I'm really pumped ! ... a nice Tom = 19 lbs , 8 inch beard , 3/4 inch spurs ...

Now Randy is real excited ! ... What we both don't realize is it wont be long before he will get his chance !

I take care of a couple of ground hogs ... the farmer thanks us ... and we are on our way !

Back to Randy's bird ... We scout one last property ... ( having walked lots today ! ) ... we luck out and spot brids moving across a path from the County Forrest onto a property we have permission on ! ... A quick plan in place ... we set up ... In minutes , I can't believe my eyes !!  LaughingLaughing = 3 mature Toms moving thru the heavy cover at a fast pace !! ... I watch over Randy's shoulder as he lines up on a big red head as it cruises into 10 yards !!! ..... BOOOOOOOM ! .... Randy sends a wicked pattern of # 6 shot thru the full choke of his 870 pump !.... Randy springs to his feet and is at the Tom ready to do some hand to hand combat ! .... NO NEED !!! ... The Toms head is letting alot of wind pass thru it now !  LaughingLaughing The pattern was deadly tight at that distance !

Here is a picture of Randy with his first Wild Turkey !!! ( Randy is the tall one in the center of the frame ! )  LaughingLaughing

Congrats Randy ... beauty first bird !! ...

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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