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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Todays Critters
Couldn't sit still with this nice weather ... headed out for a hike along the river ...

On the way , I slowed to watch a farmer plowing the field ...

At first I thought his dog was walking in the field while he was plowing ... got the binoc's out at it turned out to be a coyote ! ... I pulled over and walked into the field to get a picture ... the coyote shyed away , but I did get 1 good frame ... Pentax K100D with Sigma 75-300mm lens .

I waved the tractor down as he made a pass by me ... the young guy driving it said the coyote had been following close to the tractor and he got a few pictures with his cell phone camera .... the coyote was moving away now so I asked him if I could ride along to try to get a close up ( many times animals are not affraid of farm vehicles ) ... sure enough as we plowed a row and turned towards the coyote it stopped to have a look ... got some great close ups , then the cotote moved into the next field and headed towards the bush ...

I got dropped back at my truck on the next plowed pass ... I took down the young guys e-mail address and told him I would send him the pictures .... turns out his dad runs a local butcher shop ! ( guess I know where I will be taking some deer this season ! )

Headed out to hike along the Nith river ... I walked awhile then sat at the base of a tree for a rest ... about 10 mins later I hear what I think is a turkey clucking to my left ... I look slowly around the tree and see this young bird pecking along the river flats ... got 1 quick frame and let him walk behind the cover ... but when I tried to relocate for another picture , he saw me a busted out !

Did a long circle back to the truck ... drove to another spot to look for turkeys , but no luck ... As I walked the small creek , something caught my eye .... it was a small painted turtle , sitting in the stream , trying to catch water spiders as they swam by .... I'm thinking " this could be a cool photo op ! " So I stood on a large rock and watched him ... ( see the water spider to the right side of the frame ? in the middle of the round ripples )

There were lots of water spiders ...

I wait for approx 25 mins , but no action except for the occational head movement !  LaughingLaughing

I get 1 frame of the new foliage coming up along the bank ....

Then 1 frame as the trutle moves on down the stream ....

Light is getting poor now and I've had my share of strange looks from passers by slowing to see the camo clad guy with the camera perched on a rock peering into the stream for the last 1/2 hour ! ... So I head home to see what the pictures look like ... some more cool shots for the collection !

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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