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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
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Thursday, April 26th
Overcast and threatening rain this a.m. ... I head into the field with Bobby S. and Wylie H. from ACA ...

We set up in a low area on one of the properties they have permission on.

The morning brings lots of gobbling , but the Boss Tom won't come away from his hens ... a single hen and then later a pair of hens come in behind us and cluck lightly then walk away ... that was all I saw ... approx 6:30 am I am facing into the bush now as Bobby and Wylie watch the field ... I hear some snorts behind me and see 3 deer peeking over the grass field elevation about 10 yards away ... I took three pictures , but only one turned out ( others were too blurry in my hurry to manually focus thru the grass)

Turns out the deer had walked out in front of Bobby and Wylie and had spent the last 10 mins trying to wind scent our position while Bobby hen clucked to them ...

Wylie keeps an eye on the spread ( yep Wylie is in the field again! ... he doesn't let the fact that he is confined to a wheel chair spoil his hunting adventures!) ....

I hike up to the top of the hill to look around from the cab of the abandoned combine that has been sitting in that field for I don't know how many years?

From the combine I watch a hen pecking around the field ... but no Tom's show themselves.

Later we see a hen hiding in the grass ... she is probably nesting so we don't get any closer for a look ...

Bobby tries deeper into the cedar bush to try to get the Boss Tom to come down off the ridge top , but he wouldn't leave the hens ... Bobby spends the last 1/2 hr doing his version of dueling banjos with an angry hen ... on his way out he spots a baby porcupine and later walks me in to get a picture ...

Little cute, baby porcupine! But don't try to pet it! ... they have real sharp baby quills!! ... I'm laughing as Bobby pulls quills from his glove!  LaughingLaughing

Wicked wind and rain rolled in so we called it a day ... I got to work Friday , Saturday , Sunday ... but will be back at it on Monday!

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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