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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Tagged 2nd Tom and cleared the memory card today
Hello all … And a shout out to all that have been enjoying the last few weeks of our Ontario Spring Turkey season !

I tagged my 2nd bird this morning ,( approx 1hr North of home base ) dropped the hammer on him just before a thunderstorm rolled … I packed up quick , before the rain and headed home .

Just cleared the memory card … here are some pic's from the last few weeks .

I took 95 frames of this little chipmunk as he entertained me during a hunt last week .. here are four of my favorites .


A doe and fawn walked by my blind during another hunt …


Got a picture of a snapping turtle looking for a spot to lay eggs …


My daughter is in the Yukon for a summer job > her dogs are with us for awhile , and while I'm doing chores ( picking field rocks ), they like to case birds out in the field … here is picture of them returning from a charge ( Jill's two dogs in the foreground , our big girl lab “ jade “ coming back in third place ) you can see the birds flying off in the top RH corner of the frame …


Always find time to take a few shots with my Relayer and Vixen … makes yard work fun !


As I drive from farm to farm scouting , I cross the bridge @ a local lake and see some other guys enjoying their hobby … looks like a floating poker game to me !


I wasn't feeling well yesterday … so I stayed home …. Then this morning I headed approx 1 hr North .


Not far from the farm that I took this nice Tom on last season …


The sky was ripe with thunder and lightning as I drove North … I got set up a little later then I expected , but I was lucky to call in this scrapper , Just before the rain came …. packed up my gear quickly and drove home to nicer weather for pictures .

Nice Tom … 18lbs , two beards ( 9 inch and 2 inch ) … a matching set of 1 inch spurs .
Approx 45 yard shot > Blackcloud #4 's > Extra full turkey choke > Hatsun Escort Semi > called with a beat up H.S. Strut box call I found on crown land last season …. great way to wrap up the season .


Good luck to all that are hunting the last few days ... hope the weather holds out / you shoot straight / and take lots of pictures !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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