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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Some pictures from September till today ( Nov 2nd )
Still no PC hooked up at the farm ... Been busy with moving , renovations , work , and fitting in time to hunt , so I haven't posted for awhile ...

1st off = Congrat's to all that have connected since opening day in their perspective areas ! ... Some great looking whitetails and cool stories !

Here are some pic's I downloaded out of the camera today ...

End of September , my daughter releases a Monarch butterfly she hatched before we moved from the house on Riverside Drive ..

October 6th ... Last items to be moved were my deer mounts ...

Getting settled into the new location ... The house was built in 1852 ... we are in the middle of inside renovations ..

For now , most of our stuff is stored in the shop and pole barn ..

Really enjoying the fresh air and country scenery ... Cool colors , no matter which direction I look on the property ... North , South , East , or West

My daughter saved some kittens from a trip to the pound ... they are enjoying the farn as well ...

Spike gets along with them ...

Spike likes the outdoors , but can usually be found burried under some leaves or a moving blanket when the wind blows ...

Have scoped out the wildlife on my property ... Seems to be no shortage of turkeys and deer ...

CH , RS , and myself have used our climbers in misc areas of my bush and have seen deer every outing ... here is a doe that comes out under CH's location while I snap shots across from him ...

Here are a couple shots of deer under my tree , approx 1/2 hour after trimming and climbing up ... I use light contact grunts to cover , and the deer are soon under the tree nibbling on branches I just dropped ... you can see a trimmed off sapling in the bottom of the frame that I use to step up into my climber ..

A doe comes in ..

And as the doe walks out of the top of the frame , one of her fawns walks thru ..

On and evening stand , Oct 24th , I connect with a young 8 point that came out of the corn , after a series of tending grunts ... he walked my lightly scented " Tinks " boot tracks , into a 15 yard opportunity ( spine shot dropped him in his tracks ) ... My wife snapped one quick picture of me and my gear after she helped me get him back to the farm with my game cart ... ( 16 inch inside spread , and yes I have the tag shot to submit for out team score )

That week saw lots of activity in the full moon phase ...

Oct 29th we head to Pelee Island for our annual Pheasant hunt .. the 401 near London storms over ..

By the time we hit London in the morning it is covered in snow !!

The rutting activity continues ... here is a buck that didn't make his dash across the 401 ... We didn't have a saw on us so we couldn't relieve him of his head gear ...

The weather clears up and we get across on the Ferry with no problems .. ( we were not so lucky with the weather in 2006 ... check out this link with more details on Pelee Island )


The Pheasants and turkeys thrive on Pelee Island ...

We have stayed at Stonehill B+B for years .... great people , great food , great accomodations !

Some good dog work ... Randy Samson works his 9 year old Springer " Abby " thru some cool cover ... ( she is Sally's daughter )

Got some cool flush shots ...

Got some cool retrieve shots .. Randy Aspden sends his Lab " Abby " across the dike for a pick up ...

Yep , you read it right ... another " Randy " and another " Abby " gets confusing some times calling dogs and calling shots ! " take it Randy " ! Laughing

There are 12 of us in the group ... but I get a quick shot of 3 of my shooting partners Thursday afternoon by the beach ( left to right Peter S, Randy S, Randy A )... shows how much the weather changes at the Most Southern inhabited part of Canada , that is Pelee Island ... And what great weather we had !!

Off the Island , Saturday and in a stand this Sunday morning ... A Blue Jay stores seeds as I wait for a rut roaming buck ...

At 11:30 am ... I hit the rattle bag and a series of heavy , " bark " tending grunts ... 5 mins later , this beauty 8 point comes charging out of the corn ... he hussles thru my 20 yard opening and I miss the shot ! ... got a few frames of him as he crests the ridge ...

Oh well .... it isn't my first miss ! Embarassed ... and it won't be my last !  EmbarassedLaughing

Good luck to all of you ... enjoy your time in the field ! .... Hope you run into a " Monster "

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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