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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Some Fur but no Feather today

Original plan was to scout a goose field for the last day of the regular season , so Kendo Kid , John and myself could try a repeat of our last goose hunt together ....

One morning this week the sun came up and for a couple of minuets , it looked like it was setting the tree's ablaze !

Well .... the geese didn't cooperate and were not using any fields I had permission on ... I even had Court P. and his Dad scouting as well , but could not secure anything that looked real positive , so I PM'd the guys and gave them the bad news ... We will have to keep scouting , asking permission and trying to secure a field for the extended season ... that's hunting !

Did find some beauty flocks heading into the local Golf Course but forget about permission Laughing 

Man they were everywhere on the course ! .... I estimated approx 300 geese feeding on grass patches throughout the course ...

So we switched up the itinerary .... Court P. invited me to hunt some cottontails at one of his spots ...

Sally is always up for a morning walk ! Laughing

Court P. circles around some of the cover around the ponds ...

We eventually had Sally busting some brush piles and we both got a rabbit before we headed out for breakfast ...

Sally retrieves cottontail # 1 out of the tangled cover after a load of standard # 5 shot from my Hatsun Escourt semi stopped him along the escape route...

Sally retrieves cottontail # 2 out of the thick cat tail cover after a load of # 4 shot from Court's Remington 870 pump , put an end to that rabbits sneak out routine ... Court was perched on a nice elevated dead fall which gave him a good vanatge point to snipe the escape routes ..

At one point this a.m. we noticed a huge increase in deer trail and turkey trail activity at one side of the bush ....

Didn't take long to figure out what the attraction was ! Laughing

Man that would have been an easy spot to set up the routine " between bedding area , food source ambush " in the late days of the season !

We headed home early to get some " brownie points " Laughing  ... we were just happy to have 2 rabbits for the pot !

Improvise / Adapt / Overcome ! Laughing When one variety of game won't cooperate with the " The Plan " .... switch to " Plan B " ! Laughing

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

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