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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Some Different Critters Today!
Started out the morning in a " driveway conference " with Wylie H. and Bobby J .

Wylie had some errands to run so Bobby and I headed out to scout for sheds and photo opportunities ...

Beauty day ! .... the weather was hot and it felt like summer !

Some awsome deer sign at Wylie's and Bobby's " honey hole " ... but the turkeys , deer , and shed antlers never made an appearance . Laughing

We drove past another property and I thought I saw some deer on a ridge ... we pulled over to look and it ended up being some turkeys that were grouped together ... we drove into the farm and obtained permission to walk the property for pictures ...

Bobby walked down into a low bush area while I circled around .... A single Doe blasted out and almost ran me down ! ... I had the 500mm lens on so I wasn't able to focus on the deer as it tore off into the bush ... a group of about 15 Turkeys came out the other side and I only got 1 mediocre shot of 2 Toms and 2 Hens before they moved over the hill ( I'm not impressed with the 500mm lens on my digital body ... the clairty of the shot just isn't there ) ...

But .... It was an unusual looking Tom ... I think someone here called it a " smoke phase ? " .... cool looking bird none the less , and it had a beauty beard !

We stopped for a beauty lunch and on the way to Bobby's place I pullled over to get a shot of 2 Geese standing on a muskrat den ( looked cool at the time ) ... The pic's turned out blurry , so I didn't save them ... ( liking the 500mm lens less and less ) ...

I dropped Bobby off and headed home for a change of clothes , new boots and socks .... ( starting fresh puts spring in the step ) .. put the 200mm lens on now ... the clairity is much better with that lens .

I headed West ... I was driving down a country road when I saw this fellow out for a stroll ! Pulled over and got a few frames of him before he dropped into the creek ...

Look at the claws on him ....

A face only a Mother could love ! ....

I eventually walk another farm looking for sheds again .... no luck but some swans did set in and I got a few frames ...

Walked back to the truck and headed home by 7:15pm .... great bit of exercise and another beauty day in the outdoors !

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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