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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Shoulda , Coulda , Woulda

Shoulda ... been a little more steady on the Tom before I lauched a 2216 with a 130 grain Wasp broadhead at him ... high and deflected means he is still strutting ! Embarassed

Coulda ... walked in 10 mins earlier and taken a different path had I known I was going to be walking in on the turkeys roosted beside my blind this morning ...  Laughing

Woulda ... had the camera ready had I known a short tailed weasle had his eye on my decoys the other day along the river ... he danced thru the rocks and put the sneak on them and I missed the photo op ! Embarassed

Here are some shots that did turn out though !

My missed Tom still strutting ! I'll try again tomorrow ~ !

One lookout and two snoozers ... caught my eye .

Missed a chance at a 30 yard photo of this hen standing with a deer yesterday .... got a long shot of her walking the back path with a cow that escaped from the next farm over ...

Still working on the little field grizzlies between set-up's ... That little branch wasn't enough to hide behind as I passed a speedy 55 grain .223 by the branch and under his chin ... the farmers want them all gone ! ... Although I have to admit I did pass a few ... must be getting soft in my old age !

The turkey vultures don't take long to strip out / process the field behind me !

And last but not least ... I stopped by the fox den sight we scoped out last year ... One early litter and one late litter are co-existing between three adjoining dens ... ( I took 112 frames to get these 6 keepers ! )


A young Gal from work had a successfull opening week ! ... Bringing home two beauty bird's ! ... 1st one was a great looking Jake and the 2nd was a beauty Tom ! ....

Congrat's CK ! ... Great to see the gals getting out into the filed to show us guys up ! ..  LaughingLaughing

Keep the camera close ... you never know when a cool photo op will present itself !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

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