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Monday, 27 July 2009
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About Rogue


They say that there's a time and a place for everything.

At Rogue, we think that the time is now, and the place is everywhere.

Recently, we took a hard look at the offerings available to people who use wheelchairs, and started a creative process to address some "gaps" in technology that we believe exist.

We did "scientific market research" (we asked people who actually use wheelchairs what they think), we "cross-referenced our knowledge base" with what we heard from them to our own experiences (we drank some beer and argued a bit), we "did an in-depth analysis" of the equipment that other people who use wheeled vehicles choose (we went for a bunch of rides with our pals who have cool bikes), and we "extrapolated innovative design opportunities" in order to make some small changes that we believe will make some big differences (we put our thinking caps on).

What we heard from others who use wheelchairs, and what we know from our own experiences is that folks out there are pretty frustrated with the choice in products available; some of the stuff that's available is quite good, but there is a pretty limited selection of it. When you compare the selection available in the bicycle world (for people who ride their bikes for a relatively small percentage of the day) to what's available to people who use wheelchairs (who use them every day for everything that they do), it just doesn't measure up.

The selection available doesn't measure up at a number of levels, and the gap seems to be growing. In the last number of years, as people who use wheelchairs are increasingly "more out there", the needs have been changing, and the level of performance in sports, activities, and life in general has been increasing at an incredible rate; a rate that innovation in the technologies that allow those life performances to happen is having a hard time keeping up with.

That's where Rogue wheels comes in. We've partnered with the best in the business; the bike business that is, and we're bringing all of the amazing innovations that are the result of hundreds of years of development and more money than can be imagined in research and development, and we're making them work for the unique needs of people who use wheelchairs.

There are other wheels available, and some of them are pretty good. We're determined to work with other manufacturers to standardize the industry to make it easy to innovate, which will help everyone. The first step is the development of the Rogue Standard Platform (Rogue SP).

The Rogue SP will ensure that different wheelsets will be interchangeable, that there are standard offsets so that the ride height and geometry of your wheelchair is not affected if you change or upgrade your wheels, that bearing spacing and sizes are compatible between manufacturers, that one set of axle pins will work with off-road wheels or sport wheels or everyday wheels, and many more very basic things that will make big differences and provide technological opportunities to the people who use the technology.

Rogue is taking it to another level (the time is now!), and will let you take it to places you never dreamed possible (the place is everywhere!).

All of our products are designed with performance in mind, with absolutely no sacrifice to good looks. All the details, from tires to rims to your choice of a range of bearings are detailed in our products section.

Browse our site, check out our products, and judge for yourselves. We're here to make your life the time and the place, and if you want to take it to another level, we would love to be able to help you do it.

See Rogue Products on the main menu on the left.

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