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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
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Rogue Products


Our hand built wheels are built from the ground up, using the best parts available, all chosen for the properties they bring to make our wheels the finest available.

We looked at the products currently available, and identified a lot of areas where improvements can be made. First and foremost we decided that people who use wheelchairs deserve more than just an assembly of middle of the road parts that may or may not be suitable for the unique ways that a wheelchair can perform.

We saw that all of the off-road wheels available basically slapped a knobby tire onto the same rims and hubs, making them easy to build, but with some results that weren't necessarily optimal for the people who end up using the products.

Rogue Hub

Our hub brings aluminium and titanium together in a way that maximizes the advantages that both materials provide. Our hub is light, at 104g, boasting titanium flanges; the only titanium hub on the market.


Call for pricing 416-854-6798.


Rogue Off-road

Going off-road has never been easier. We match the diameter with our everyday wheel options so that the ride height of your wheelchair is not affected, and with our proprietary offset hub design, there's no need to space the wheels in any way; it's taken care of you!



USD $675.00


Rogue Hed jet90 everyday

We matched the Hed 90 rim with the Rogue hub to get the lightest and slickest looking wheelset possible; at 104 g, our hub, our aluminium hub body and titanium flanges uses each material in the most appropriate way.


USD $1,550.00


Rogue Hed Bastogne everyday

Lightest wheel on the market, period.

Hed Bastogne rim that is used by the top bicycle pros when they need a rim light enough to get to the top of a mountain first, and strong enough to get to the bottom in one piece, paired with the Patented Rogue Ti hub at 104g, the result is a wheelset that is 18% lighter than any other wheelset on the market.



USD $850.00


Hed Stinger with Phil Wood hub

If racing is your game, we've got the newest addition to your arsenal. The Hed Stinger has been proven time and time again in bicycle races around the world. If you need a stiff, aerodynamic wheel but have trouble in cross winds, this wheelset will get you to the finish line without worry. 20% lighter than any disc wheel on the market, and aerodynamic without sacrificing control in windy conditions.


USD $2,150.00


Hed H3

Developed for time trial situations in the pro cycling world, the Hed H3 is perfect for wheelchair applications also - Using RTM construction, the spokes, rim, and hub are co-molded in one operation. Because there are no secondary bonding processes, the H3s are supremely strong. The rim weight is light @ 460g, the three spokes only weigh 170g, so the wheels climb and accelerate very well. Available in clincher or tubular and with aluminium rim or all carbon version.



USD $1,900.00


Hed H3 with slotted pushring attachments

We took the H3 and gave it the Rogue touch. Working directly with Steve Hed, we asked him to think about a better way to attach the pushring. The Rogue-Hed H3 wheel is slotted to accept the Pushrim standoffs, and a proprietary shim was designed to spread the load over the width of the winged spoke, to allow for maximum energy transfer which translates into maximum speed!



USD $2,050.00


Carbon Fiber Fenders

Protect your legs and hips with our carbon fiber fenders. Add protection without adding weight by using our new carbon fiber fenders on your chair.


USD $325.00

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