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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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RJ's 2007 Turkey Journal

Well lots of pre-season scouting and picture taking from Jan to now helped me narrow it down to a couple of farms that I want to start on tomorrow ...




The birds are much more spread out now ....

Today = April 24th 2007 = day before Ontario turkey opener... 4 hrs of scouting ... saw lots of deer today ... many many jakes are eager to come in but the only mature Toms I saw today would not leave the hens ... did some light hen clucks at both farms and had jakes running in ... here are pictures from today ...

First farm ... light hen calls .... 3 jakes come running ... 2 come in to approx 7 yards ... the fuzzy green in the pictures is from focusing thru the cover ...

They get nervous ... I step out and say " your'e all dead " ... putt , putt and they take off ...

Regroup at the next field and head back into the bush ...

Many ground hogs .... here are a couple classic early season ground hog mistake photo's ..

One last look from the hole at the walk up = deceased old timer ..

Stop and look before running to the hole = deceased adult

Stopping at the top of the tunnel entrance for one last look after a successful run for the hole = deceased adult

One last head up look after succussful run to the hole = deceased adult

Hen runs for cover as I get thru bush to field edge ... might have been a jake ? ... I didn't see a beard or beard stub , but the color of the head thru me off ? might have just been the way the sun was shining on her ?

Deer check me out as I break cover from the fence line ...

Next farm ... start thru bush and a cotton tail hops along the trail in front of me ...

Spot mature Tom strutting with small group in the distance ...

Back track ... sneak thru the bush to try to intercept the turkeys evening feed route ...

1 shot of Tom from the bush line entering the corn stubble ...

I sneak around the bush and stand behind a tree with only the camera and top my hat visable in the crotch of the tree facing the corn stubble field ... I wait for the turkeys to re-group and feed into the stubble ... here are the shots from that field ... approx 1/2 duration ending with a jake coming in to light hen calls holding up at 5 yards ... the sun is setting but allows good light into the field .

As the jake moves off putting nervously ... all the birds exit the field ... I get 1 shot of 5 misc toms/jakes together ...

Back to the truck ... the farmer is finishing off a barley planting ... and that's it for today .... can hardly wait till tomorrow ... man those jakes are stupid !

Please check back for continued updates as Rick keeps you posted on his turkey season adventures.  You can click on the dated links to the left under RJ's 2007 Turkey Season.
" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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