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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Remembering a Friend

It's almost 2 years since Mikey V. ( aka Red Label ) passed ( March 18th 2005 ) ....

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Mike was true to his friends , A dedicated father and husband... a great guy to spend time with in the field , and never sherked a task ...

Here are a some pic's of Mike V. from the field ...

Mike put time in shooting his Exomax to make sure he was on target for a " big buck " opportunity ....

I got him out to Hullet Marsh .... he wanted to develope his dog and hone his wingshooting ! ( man we had a great day ... seems like yesterday ! )

I eventually talked him into a climber stand for quick and easy set ups !

And I was there the day he took his first mature whitetail buck ... ( he was thrilled ... seems like yesterday !)

I'm working next Sunday March 18th , so I decided to visit his resting place today , and walk a farm we hunted together since 2002 ...

I'd seen some geese feeding on a grass ridge on the way .... got a few shots ...

They are pairing up now ...

I arrived at the farm ... spoke to the farmers wife and told her I was going for a walk with the camera ... It is a Bio Security farm so I have to park out at the road and walk a loooooong way back ! .... no problem , it's a dull day , photo opportunities may be marginal , but I'm looking forward to the walk in the fresh air ... I see deer in the field and the stalk is on !

The wind was right and I was doing OK ... right up until my cell phone rang ... My daughter called to say " remember to pick me up for guitar lessons " .... the deer didn't seem to think it was a funny as I did !

I work my way into the 2nd field and spot a long neck over the corn field ridge ...

I get 2 frames as a single goose flys away ...

He eventually sets into the next field over with the horses from the next farm in the back ground ....

More birds fly over head and their calls are music to my ears as they fly by .... man this is " my medicine " !

I work my way to what we call " the funnel " .... a narrow ambush spot between two bush lots ....

The memories flood back .... Mikey V , Myself , and Robin , have taken 3 bucks and 3 does from that location since the day I carved that climber tree in 2002 .... I can remember the 1st hunt with Mikey V, like it was yesterday ...

The short version ....I had a buck come thru ... that day in 2002

I made the shot , climb down and take a picture of my gear at the base of the tree ...

I walk over and get a picture of the arrow in the snow ...

I track to locate the buck and get a picture with all my gear ...

Back to reality ... I get shaken from my daydream , by movemnet at the creek by the stand .... it's a raccoon scrambling for a tree ... he must have been rumaging in the creek ...

The rest of the walk was slow , quiet and uneventfull .... I had a couple of does flush out in front of me as I walked the last part of the bush , but couldn't get the focus on them .... I walked quietly back to the farm ... thinking ... " I wonder if Mikey V. saw all that ! "

Enjoy time with your friends in the field .... you never know when it will, be the last ...
" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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