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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Well I can't go that far back  Laughing , but I was looking at some old photo's and started fooling with my scanner today ...

Got married in 1983 .... I was just finishing my apprenticeship and my wife just finished school and was starting her 1st job .... we didn't have much money , so she made her wedding dress from scratch !

Being a hunter sure cut down on the grocery bills ... still not sporting any facial hair at this point ... while hunting up North we would always supplement or dinners with some tastey ruffed grouse .... I had many deer under my belt by then and I eventually got a tastey moose !

Once certified in the trade ( Tool and Die ) .... job security was no problem and I was able to induldge my outdoors / hunting / fishing hobby .Spent the off season fishing .... I was a lot lighter on my feet then and still had some hair ...  Laughing .... then the light beard faze started ....  Laughing

In the late 80's we bought a hobby farm and started raising and training bird dogs .... we won some local Pheasant championships , and after reading an article in Gun Dog magazine in 1990 we entered 2 events in the USA , won 1st place pointer division in one and both flusher and pointer division in the other ...

Moved around to a few different companies in the automotive industry until I settled at TMMC in 1989 .... same trade only the tools we worked on where bigger ! .... when I started my trade I could open most dies on my bench by hand ! .... but at TMMC it's all done by crane , and I mean a big crane ! .... here is one half of a mold on the radial arm drill ...

23 years later .... and we are still looking to the next adventure !
( a picture from our first trip to Vegas in 2005 )

As I look back in each picture ... I seem to get bigger from year to year ....
I guess I am a successfull hunter !

About 5 years ago I made a trip to Cabela's in Michigan ...

I took hundreds of pictures .... scanned some today .... I tried to take pictures of the taxidermy animals that were all over the store
( except for the wall mounts )... like I would if they were in the wild .... which led to some pretty creative photo positions .... eventually one store clerk told me I couldn't climb on the clothes racks , even if it was to get a good shot ! Here are a few of the shots ... ( trust me it wasn't easy with a store full of people to make sure nobody got in the shot ! )

These are the grizzly bears that are in front of the store ... approx 20 feet high ...

Here are a few wall mounts that caught my eye ( when I say few , I mean it , there were 100's )

I have about 50 more pic's of that amazing store , but don't want to put you guys to sleep !   Laughing

Been scouting geese for the extended season ... but they are staying close to the water an mostly in no hunting areas .... today they were teasing me and landed right across the street from me .... didn't take long for the dog to put the run to them ...  Laughing I took these shots out my front door .

Anyway .... killing some time with the scanner and PC today ( hard to find time when my 15 year old daughter isn't hogging it ) ...  Laughing

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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