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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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October start 2006
October start 2006

We have had lots of rain
... have seen many small does , and all the other critters that come under your stand to entertain and pass the night on ... jack rabbits , skunks etc.

CH took a beauty doe 2 nights ago ... he got the whole thing on video ... cool footage , with two fawns playing with a cotton tail , and when a bigger doe shows up = a perfect heart shot at 6 yards = the double donkey kick , and approx 50 yard recovery ( Exomax , 2216 , 100 grain wasp boss ) .

Today was Pheasant opener at Conestoga Lake ... they only have a 2 bird limit but we wanted to get the dogs some " run time " ... so Randy and I headed up there for a morning hunt ...

We were lucky
... the rain stopped and the dogs did their job .

Here is a picture of my dog Sally ( left ) and her daughter Abby ( right ) = Randy's dog .


recognize the gun on the left ? ( hint ) = it is a Winchester , built in USA ( not overseas ) between 1960 - 1965 .

The rain started again just as we were getting into the truck so we pulled into a farmers wood shed for the pictures ...

Freshend up some apple piles and got home early .... cooked up todays harvest for the family ( my wife will be home from work soon , so I thought I would get some brownie points !  LaughingLaughing )

Fillet Pheasant breasts

Cube and braze one side in butter for 2 minuets .

Turn over and add approx 6 onces of your favorite beer ( or whatever is left over in the fridge after poker night ! LaughingLaughing  )

Add some spicy plum sauce ( from M+M meats )

Stir and let it boil lightly for 5 more minuets ... sweeeeet table fare in under 10 min's !

The beavers are trying their best to keep us out of one of our favorite spots ... dropping trees across the trail in ...

Some heavy trails in the bean fields , and some boundary scrapes , but I haven't seen any big bucks so far ...

Some turkey vultures , fan out to warm up and dry off opening morning .

There is a break in the clouds when I get home this afternoon , and some geese drop into the field across the road from my house... just in time to tease the dog while I am laying my gear out to dry ...

Been a great week off work so far !!

Well the week off work has been great ! ... for the most part the weather has been a beauty !

Did lots of scouting ... got permission on another farm that shows promise !

Randy and I did some Pheasant hunting ( see previous pictures ) .... covered a lot of terrain in search of whitetails ... saw lots of small does and fawns .... and overall had a great week outdoors !

Had breakfast with the boys
( Graylag , Isis , and CH ) getting updates from everyones time in the field ...

Got a look
at CH's doe harvest video ( it's not quite " Realtree " quality but super cool amature footage , plus some great footage of his bear adventures ! )

The milk weed are turning ...

I always collect some and put in sandwhich bags for a cheap way of checking the wind while I'm on stand ...

Saw tons of geese this week as well ...

Randy and I had some does and fawns in range this week but passed on them , waiting for a decent buck ...

Well tonight was the last chance I had to hunt this week , since tomorrow is family day Thanks giving and back to work Tuesday Frown

I got into the bush late and by the time I climbed a tree it was 5:30 pm . I made a couple of like contact grunts with my " Cooper Call " ( that I got from wabi ) and I settled in approx 27 feet up a straight maple tree ( 27 feet by my range finder ) ...

I see a couple of does pass by out of range ...

Later 2 bucks come in ( 4 point and a beauty bodied size 6 point ) ... I would grunt to them and they were walking the creek , back and forth ... they were thrashing the tree's that over hung both sides of the creek ! ... It was really something to watch ! .... they passed by a couple times offering 25 to 30 yard shots , but I only watched them as they proceeded to thrash trees all around me ... it was really cool ! , I guess they were marking boundary ?

I kept releasing milk weed fluff to confirm the wind direction , but at 27 feet high , my scent was always above them even when they were directly downwind and had milk weed fluff floating over top of them , so they had no idea I was there ...

At 6:45 pm they were fading away sloshing loudly down the creek when I gave a one final soft grunt ....

The 6 point turns and comes right to me .... I thinking " this is too sweet an opportunity to pass ... If he comes real close I will take the shot "

Well he passed at 15 yards and when he was at the extreme quartering away... I let loose a 2216 with 130 grain Wasp cam lock on board from my new Exocet 200 ... It hit high and far back , but at that extreme quatering it looks good !

He bolts off and the other buck scrambles as well .... I thought I heard a crash but wasn't sure so I waited 45 mins ... climbed down in the dark and assembled my climber and all my other gear ...

I walk over and find my arrow ... a complete pass thru and resting at the base of a cedar ... good blood from end to end ...

The blood trail looks good with blood spattered both sides and high on the saplings ...

I blood trail approx 85 yards and find him ... the shot came thru high cutting the artery under the spine and clipped the far side lung good front to back ! The 45 min wait was overkill but better safe than sorry when you are not 100 % sure

Now the fun starts ...
The farm I'm hunting has strick bio rules , so I have to park my truck at the extreme front of the property ( since my truck had been on many other farms in the last 3 days and it is covered in mud and manure etc. ) .... I hike out call Randy ( his truck is clean ) drive home to meet him .... back to the farm ... drive back the lane ... hike back into the bush ( no easy walk since this farm still has all crops on ) with a harness and wheel barrow .... field dress the buck ... tarp and whell barrow him out .... back to my place it's approx 11:15 pm !

The things we do to put meat on the table !   Laughing

Thanks again Randy for the help packing out ! ... it was a great week off work !

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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