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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Nov 2nd gun hunt / Nov 22nd bow hunt plus misc. pictures
Laughing1st off , Congrat's again to all that have enjoyed time in the field over the last few weeks ! ... Some awsome pictures and field report's coming in ! ... Great to see so many people bringing the camera along to document their adventures !

One of the older gents ( forum member " Greylag " ) from our group sent me this info ..

Both deer the big 8 Point and the 10 point were taken on opening day at Dornoch WMU 82A.(Nov.2/09)

Rifle used was a Remington model 700 bolt action in combo with a 130 grain winchester silver tip.

8 point 125 yds. zero recovery. 10 point 155 yds. 75 yds. recovery.

Saw eleven deer between 6.15 am and 8.00am, took pictures of does,fawns and forkhorn buck.

Shot both bucks between 6.35 am and 8.00am.


Here are a few pic's of deer he saw on stand and one of each buck ...

Congrat's Vern ! ... Beauty bucks and cool pictures !

One of our Eng. from work sent me a few pictures as well ...

He was hunting in Maciden NY , when he took this eight point at 35 yards with a Remington 1100 ( zero recovery distance as it dropped on the spot ! )

Congrat's Gabe M. ! ... sorry I could only post 1 picture .. it was the only one that turned out ( cell phone shots are so so ) ... but a beauty buck none the less !

I just downloaded some pictures from my camera ... This was a turkey that came by my stand location when I was hunting with Pydpiper , a couple weeks ago ..

Fast forward to today ...Nov 22nd

Fellow forum member ( Leonk ) and I usually find time to hook up for a hunt once or twice a season ... We had planned to start in WMU91 , then hunt WMU87 and head North to WMU80 to round out the day ...

Todays plan got de-railed slightly when I discoverd WMU91 bow season did not resume until tomorrow .. Embarassed

So we hunted between WMU80 and 87 today ... here are some pic's from our travels ...

Still lots of easy picking's " food source " out there ... tons of corn still up and some apple trees holding out as well .

As some people get back from church , Leon and I head out to our church ! Laughing

We wanted to do silent pushes on a few farms and take an evening stand , further North .

At one farm ... this little dog was excited to see us ! ... He followed me for awhile and provided some comic relief ! Laughing 

We tried to stick to small funnel pushes along the river and creek ... but had a few deer get buy . ( it happens when only one guy pushing )

Leon did give a coyote " a close shave " on one of the pushes !

I was lucky enough to get a 2216 with a 130 grain Wasp BH on board , thru one when 4 deer passed by me earlier in WMU87 ... I baaahed .... the line stopped , centered my 30 yard mark on the last deer and slapped the trigger of my Y25 Relayer .

Shot looked good ... arrow and blood trail looked good .

Hit a little far back and high but with the quarting away angle , the shot was devistating ! ... Leon tracked what ended up to be a short 50 yard recovery !

Man I love that Y25 Relayer ! ... # 100 , Lumizone scope , Boo Custom string , 2216 arrow with 130 Grain Wasp broadhead .

Leon showed me another one of his many talents ... approx 1 hr from drag to tag to field butcher / quartered / sectioned , and packed up !

Man he is clever with a blade ! 

And yes we saw lots of turkeys in our travels ! Laughing

I was late getting into position for an evening stand and the deer were already in the field .. Embarassed

The last picture I took was of a jet flying overhead as the sun went down ...

Leon had a buck approx 60 yards out earlier in the day , and that was the extent of our whitetail encounters today ..

Just awsome to get out .. the weather certainly didn't feel like November ! Laughing 

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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