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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
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  • Why Own a Gun?
    Ever wonder why some folks like to have guns? I didn't... in fact, I never even thought about it until I got a little older and started hearing alarmist, scaredy-cat,...

  • Notching an AK Safety Selector Lever for Bolt Hold-Open
    When handling a semi-auto, I like to be able to lock the bolt open. And when I got my AK, I missed that feature. So I made my own! All...

  • Why are Black & Smokeless Powders Measured Differently?
    When measuring powder, it's good to know that black powder is not metered the same way smokeless powder is. And if you want to actually understand why, follow the link...

  • The Best of Time
    Spending time in the woods is a wonderful thing to do. Strange things happen out there, and time has been known to fly past, or stop completely - but it's...

  • Modern Muzzleloader Cleaning
    The guns I cleaned for this article aren't exactly modern, but the stuff I cleaned them with is. Worked pretty dang well, too! All it took was some Shooter's Choice...

  • Loading Blanks in a Black Powder Gun
    War battle reenactors like to use old-timey shootin' irons loaded with black powder blanks, to go bang and make a nice big puff of smoke without making anyone go blooey....

  • Sightron S1 3x-9x 40mm Rifle Scope Review
    This is a good scope, especially considering the cost, which is relatively low. I have used my first one for three deer seasons now, with no complaints and several critters...

  • Floating and Bedding: Accurizing Your Rifle
    If you've ever talked or read much about rifles, chances are you've run across terms like free-floating, pressure bedding, glass bedding, and the like. Well, here's the article that will...

  • Take a Kid Hunting
    You won't find anything better than hunting with a kid. It helps connect the dots that create the generation gap, and brings families closer to each other - and closer...

  • High Performance Muzzleloading Big Game Rifles by Toby Bridges
    This Toby Bridges book has some good info on modern inline muzzleloaders for hunting, but it does weave off the path from time to time. Dig past the history info...

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