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Tuesday, 25 March 2008
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Monday, May 7th
Jack A$$?

Yep ... saw a few  LaughingLaughing

Still many fields being worked over .... talk about horse power and sharing the duties! ... These three guys got it down pat !!

The Goslings are hatching everywhere ... run , run ... the photographer is coming !

Safe with the family....

Planning to go hunting with Vern this afternoon ... I was going to call and take pictures he was going to do the shooting ... I scout a couple of Toms ... ( Randy knows this spot , cause he got their brother last week ! )

I think they were looking for this Hen ?

I pick up Vern and we head to another spot ... We walk and call , but the only thing we see at that property is a single Hen that pecks her way past us as we hunker down to let her go by ... ( tough shot focusing thru the cover and keeping still )

We head back to the spot where I saw the two Toms and set up for an evening hunt ...

The Toms showed up but skirted around us ... they didn't seem interested in our calls ( we didn't have a decoy out though ) ...

I get a cool manual focus shot thru the cover as one Tom passes by a Goose in the field ...

Another Tom approaches from my RH side ( he has a beauty beard ) .... but now it is 7:00 pm so we have to pack it in ....

As we pack up to go ... we notice 2 more Jakes and 3 Hens crossing the trail ... I get one so / so shot into the sun as they head back to the roost area ...

On the way back to the truck I see a family of geese bedded down along the beaver creek ... with only 1 gosling ?

Papa don't seem real happy with me getting close ...

I see why now .... mom stands up and exposes the rest of the crew ...

We back off and give them some room .... head home and make plans for the next adventure ...

Best of luck to all of you that are still chasing long beards ... a fun game eh !

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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