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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Late Season Goose Opener

Started the morning
by driving North to post signs about my lost snowshoes .... then I headed East to Orangeville and South towards Toronto to hook up with Jon ( aka Kendo Kid ) to set up in a corn stubble field for to ring in the Late goose opener ...

On the way up North I saw some turkeys in a field ... pulled over and snuck into a small bush cover to get 2 frames of a Tom that was getting an early start on strutting !  LaughingLaughing

It was actually 2 Toms , a jake and a hen .... when I gobbled at them the Toms stretched their necks out and gobbled back !

The turkeys eventually saw me when I tried to move closer and took off ... I moved on , and posted my " lost snowshoe " signs .... as I drove to the main highway , I saw a young turkey along side the road ... I turned around and got out to get a picture , but only managed 1 shot as he flew off ...

Headed out to meet Jon .... What a beautifull day , a great day for a drive ...

Met Jon at " location X "  LaughingLaughing

We had quite a haul to get our gear into the field ... 2 sleds with pop up chairs , guns etc. and 2 magnum sized decoy bags ...

The field looked good with lots of geese tracks from previous days , and a spinkling of left over corn which was obviously the draw to that field !

Jons previous scouting put the geese into the field by 2:30 pm , so we set up early enough to get a jump on them ... as we dragged the sleds into the field approx 9 deer busted from some side cover ... I got a quick frame of 4 as they left ....

Started to set up my shooting station ... that Skyline camo blends in nicely ( see my chair bedside the last decoy on the RH side )

Jon worked on his , while I headed back for load of decoys # 2 ...

This shot shows you how far into the field we were ...

All set up ... the decoys looked good ...

The next hour ... all we saw were planes ....

I got comfortable in my chair and drifted off in a deeeeeep sleeeeep ! Only to be jerked from my slumber about an hour later to the sound of Jon's goose call .... Oh crap ! , I pear out of my decoy chair to see a flight of birds setting their wings right on top of me !  Laughing I roll out of the chair mount my 870 , lead the fist bird and start to yank on the trigger ! ....  Embarassed Safety on ! ... birds flare out of range ! ...

I look over at Jon and we bust out laughing !  Laughing

It is 4:20 pm now ... and the next hour brings in many flights of birds ... they came out of the sun and so my flight pictures didn't turn out that good ... but here are some shots that did ...

Jon waiting / watching ...

Jon squatting behind his chair as he calls in a small flock of 4 birds ....

I only manged to peer out of the decoy chair in time to get a picture of one bird falling to earth ! Good shot Jon !

He knocked down a couple .... Fetch Jon , Fetch !   LaughingLaughing

Eventually I get a good shot of birds setting their wings ...

Oh crap ! ... they are right over me ... steady , steady .... bang , bang = a double ... " no way Jon's going to show me up ! "  Laughing

We eventually shoot our limit ... 5 birds each .... at one point we discuss ... I say " I think the late season is 8 birds each " ... But for some reason , I got 5 birds in my head .... so we error , on the side of caution and start to pack up .... I mean 10 big Canada's is plenty to pack out on top of all our gear !

I take one more picture of the last bird down ... and start to pack the decoys ...

The geese tease us .... here is a flock that settles over Jon as he is packing his gear ...

I wave at few flocks and get 1 picture of the sun going down behing the treeline ...

By the time we pick up the decoys , pick up our spent shells , pack all gear and bungee everything to the sleds ... then back pack two sets of deeks , and pack the truck it is 6:30 pm ...

We hit a local resturant for super... and re-live the shots of the afternoon ! I pull out the late season reg's and confirm it is 8 birds each ! ... Oh well , we error on the side of caution , got some awsome shooting and left the area fairly undisturbed for next Tuesday ! Laughing

Thanks again Jon ... great day out ! enjoy the pictures !
" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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