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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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July to Septemeber ... Oct 1st will soon be here !
It took this picture back in July ... A few shots with my Y25 Relayer.

Still bang on at 30 yards !

It took this picture today ... A few shots with my Y25 Relayer. you can see the beans in the back ground have really come along good since July , and some of the local whitetails are in them alomost every night ..

Tried a 40 yard shot ... looks good !

End of August , got lucky and picked up a sweet deal on a " fill in " vehicle for the farm ... It's a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee ... Body is sound , clean inside and out with only real rust at the tailgate ( common to that model year ) ... A kid in Hamilton was selling it " as is " ... when Randy and I checked it out , it had a wicked exhaust leak at the manifold ... I offered the kid $600 cash and took my chances ( figured I would at least have a cheap bush buggy for the farm if I couldn't get it certified )... he agreed , and a week later with some help from a friend , I got the manifold welded ... got the rest of the bugs ironed out ( an additional $800 ) and it passed the safety and E test .

It has 309 K on it already , but I only need it to last me for two more years ... now it's my # 1 bush truck ... no use getting my Tachoma scratched up ..

Back in July , Greylag arranged for some discounted wood from a local farmer / sawmill friend ... we were going to use the wood for a wheel chair ramp / tree stand project that Wylie Harvey and I thought up ... ( Wylie is aka WalknTall on the forum and runs the ACA website )

Wood was piled , on the ridge at the back of my property ... waiting for the weather to cool , and the bugs to thin out , before I called a work party ! ...

End of August leading into September Wylie and Greylag stopped by to start on the framework .

Wylie gets his land transportation unloaded ...

We scoped out a pair of trees that were approx 15 feet out from the ridge edge ... the ramp / stand once complete will look down over 20 yard / 30 yard deer trails ..

Wylie shoveled the ridge base , helped move wood around and supervised while Greylag and I pieced the frame together ...

We got basic frame work is done ... Next step is an expanded metal floor , support posts , and perimitter rails .

I plan to photo document the whole project ... from the build to the 1st whitetail harvest out of that stand .... " stay tuned " !

Back in July my Tom turkey had no real tail ... and what feathers he di have wee realy ratty ...

I took this picture today ... it's filling in nicely !

The turkeys share the pen now with some pigeons I picked up at the auction for training the dogs ...

Back in July ... we had a batch of kittens !

We managed to give 4 away to good homes ... three stayed on and keep the mice in check at the barn ... I took a picture of this this little guy today , he is always ambushing me when I'm in the barn ... quite comical !

Of course there is always some stand that needs attention ... We used an old 25ft TV antena tower that I had in the barn , for a ladder on a stand we are working on ... Randy and I got it started , bolted together , and screwed the inside rungs to the tree with deck screws ... just needs safety straps installed and hang the stand to complete ..

We have another like this on a tree up North ... It's been there , approx 10 years now ... works great !

Did some trimming at field edge stands ...

That overlook some beauty bean fields ..

At a clover field stand , I see I'm not the only one out scounting ...

Checked out and trimmed at other stands that overlook some great intersecting trails ..

Carved a path to a new climber tree ...

That overlooks a major main trail ...

Remember the 16 month old GSP I picked up end of June .. the one that was bending the springs on the run line ...

Well , he has been a challenge but is coming along as well ... I can at least work with him of leash now ... this picture is from today .

And of course , Spike and Jade are always close by when I'm doing chores outside ...

Just killin some time . downloading pictures from the camera ... October 1st will be here before you know it !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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