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Sunday, 27 March 2011
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Jack Miner Band
In the Fall of 2008 Wylie represented "Accessible Canadian Adventures" on the popular syndicated television show "Canada In The Rough" with host Thomas Pigeon. The segment highlights duck and goose hunting with a featured clip on bird banding alongside a member of the Jack Miner family who to this day carries out the tradition under the "Jack Miner Foundation." Each band is stamped with Biblical verse, it was then as it is today an important part of the Miner endowment. Please visit http://www.jackminer.com/ to learn more about this man's unique legacy.
The band pictured is # 10160 which Wylie attached to a mallard in Kingsville, Ontario during the migratory bird hunt in mid September of 2008. Sometime in late October a duck hunter in the region shot the banded bird, after retrieving the bird he noticed the band and decided to return it to the Foundation by mail. Upon inspection the Foundation recognized the number with its statistical information and graciously returned the prized amulet.
Note the identation marks on the band, the result from high velocity bird shot.
We want to thank Kirk Miner and Kim Lewis for their kind gesture and fine work.
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