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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Hunting with the camera
Got a tip from Chris W. on a spot that some deer had yarded up on ...

It is close ... so I managed a few minuets after work today as the sun was going down .

Didn't have much time to scout but , I saw an woman walking her dog ...she said the landowner was a friend of hers and she figured it would be no problem for me to hike and take some pictures ... she headed along the farm lane with her little fluffy white dog , sort of thru the middle of the property , so I drove further ... parked and hunkered down in cedar / pine row ridge approx 500-600 yards downwind of her location ... wasn't long before I saw some does scoot over the hill but didn't have time to get a focus on them ...

Was thinking about relocating when I saw movement to my left and was surprised to see a small buck come over the hill at approx 20 yards ... heading my way ... he stopped and looked back in the direction the woman was walking ....

He turned and walked past me thru the cut corn stalks ....

He stopped for a snack and walks on ... ( you can see some corn stubble debris falling from his mouth as he exhales in this frame )

He eventually gets a slight quartering wind scent of me ... flags and disapears over the hill .... Man I still get rush watching deer in the field ... I kept pictureing the shot opportunities as he walked by ....

When I got back to the truck ... turned around and headed back along the road , I saw a car stopped in the valley .... A woman and her son said some deer just ran across in front of them ... I grabbed the camera and stepped up the bank ... bumped two does when I crested the bank .... three others stayed long enough for me to get this shot ... figured they were the does that came over the hill when I first went into the cedar / pine row ...

Getting out with the camera can be a great way to sort of .... extend your season ! Laughing

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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