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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Grey , windy day ( Sad day ) ...
Met Wylie H. and Bobby S. from ACA as well as Bobby's friend Pat Monday a.m.

The plan was to get set up on a property that Wylie and Bobby hunt deer during the archery season , to see if we could send a few coyotes on their way ! ( been lots of coyote sign spotted the last 2 scouting trips out ) ...

The wind was brutal and the grey rain clouds moved in ... Didn't look very promising but everyone was bent on getting some fresh air .

We were going to spread out ... call from two locations and try to cover the field from four locations ...

Bobby and Pat head North over the hill to spread out in some cedar cover .

30 seconds flat Wylie has the wheels off his wheel chair and is hunkered into a cedar row using the wheelchair frame as his ground blind seat ... Good cover and as I move away I can barely make him out ... his gun barrel sticks out like a branch of the cover ...

Wylie is covering a low area draw from the West while Bobby and Pat cover an area to the North ... I move to a South / East hilltop ... We are all nicely sperated by rolling hills ... the set up looks good ...

Here is a picture from Wylies vantage point ...

The gale force wind hampers our calling and it turns quite miserable ...

After about 45 mins I spot some movement South / West of my location = a brief brown blurr that I could not get a positive ID. on ( maybe a small deer or coyote ? ) I didn't get the glass on it quick enough to see for sure ?

I gather up the guys and we put Pat and Wylie on a hill peak to watch the ravine , while Bobby and I walk thru the cedar swamp near the movement I saw earlier .. to make a " long story short " .... we don't move anything out .... the wind is trying it's best to blow the clothes off our backs ( less than ideal coyote hunting conditions ) .... so we head out for breakfast ...

It is at that breakfast table that we see the news on a wall mounted TV .... 30 dead and counting at Virginia Tech ! .... It started as a dull day and now that terrible news ... we finish our breakfast , our hearts going out to the families affected by such a tragic event .... We ponder " what will be the backlash for responsible gun owners now " .... none of us can make sense of it all .... so many young lives wasted !

Later I hook up with Vern ... I get a few frames of some geese , ducks and 2 boss toms displaying in a field .... but nothing can lift my spirits after the previous " Bad News "

I've since heard the gunman at Virginia Tech was a young troubled South Korean student that had been previously referred for counselling ... A very dull sad day ... Unbelieveable !

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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