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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Fur and Feathers
Got an invite from one of the young lads at work .... We are always swapping hunt stories at work and he said

" Wont be huge flocks , but I have a spot were I gaurantee we will see a couple of ducks in the morning , and there are rabbits around as well "

Thought I'd give the Pheasants a rest for a change , and watch a Saturday Morning sunrise with a couple of co-workers ...

Court P. set us up along a small creek draw ... with a small compliment of decoys ...

The sunrise was fairly dull compared to most mornings but did provide some color later on ...

Court noticed a Drake mallard set in further down .... Kyle K. headed down to check it out ... put his Remignton 870 pump through the paces , and got a nice " Mallard Double " as a Hen and Drake tried a suicide run towards him along the creek ....

A few minuets later , Court spied a duck on a recon run over our position and called him in .... I tried to get a fly by picture on the first run , but couldn't focus quick enough and he flew off around us ..... Court pulled him back with some beauty calling ....

And I closed the deal on a chubby Black Duck with a load of Steel 4's , out of my full choked Hatsun Escourt semi , as he decoyed right into the spread ...

Nothing else was flying so we packed up and headed back across the creek bridge to the trucks parked at the farm ... Court and Kyle carry the gear and birds .... After all , I'm the older of the three and I'm handling the camera !  Laughing

We switched over to our Blaze Orange and set up a plan for some cotton tails ...

Plan was to run my Springer " Sally " thru some hillside swails and creek flat tangled cover ....

The next half hour was fun ..... watching the dog dig thru the cover .. Court scored the first Cotton tail with his Browning BPS ...

Sally got cut up and covered in burrs , pushing the tangled cover .... I didn't get a good picture of her since she was moving too fast , but she looked similar to this shot from last week when she was rousting Pheasants !

I missed a runner earlier , but redeemed myself on this chubby cotton tail later with a load of lead shot # 5's ...

We moved 6 cotton tails total ... passed on 3 that were not good shot opportunities ... shot at 3 that were and grounded 2 ...

Headed back to the farm .... called Tom P. to meet us , and hold a spot in line at the local breakfast joint ...

I cant think of better way to spend a Saturday morning , than a few hours in the field " watching the nature channel " .... Picking up some beauty " Fur and Feather " .... Then wrapping it up with the boys and a bull session over breakfast ! ... Laughing

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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