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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Finally able to shoulder the gun
The last 4 to 5 weeks has seen me in an auto accident and a fall from a tree Surprised !

Been pretty bruised up and missed the early goose season ...

Well yesterday was my first time out for some decent scouting ...looking for long necks ..

The trophy shed at one of my favorite farms has the grass growing up around it .

Thats the shed I hoist my turkeys for pictures ... looks alot different in the spring ..

Still many cool wild flowers around .

Also bumped into many young turkeys ..

Yesterday I focused my scouting on two farms ... I was going to set up on one particular one today , but the farmer at another said the birds had been over pretty regular , so I set up there this morning ..

Watched the same sunrise as Doemaster , but from a different angle .

The sun lit up the East side of the farm ..

Unfortunately ... we watched in the distance as approx 150 birds flew over to the other farm Surprised Laughing

We packed up and headed for breakfast without even firing a shot ... later CH headed for a creek walk with his 8 year old son and picked up a nice teal .

I headed home and into a rainy afternoon .. Closer to home I found a decent flight of birds but couldn't locate the landowner for permission ... best I got was the next property to it , so I settled into a fence line to try my luck at pass shooting the flocks going into the other property .

Just a quick set up with one alert and a few feeders ... it was very hazy and wet out .

My wife gave me a tree stand umbrella for my birthday years ago , so I figured I would try it out today ...

Brought my young GSP along for some field exposure ...

He's a real rookie , but I'm working with him ... He was usefull when it came to spoting flights of birds coming in from behind , he would look skyward and whine ...

I won't lie to ya ... he's no natural retriever ! Laughing  I have him fetching at home but he hasn't got the game birds sorted out yet ... 1st dog I have ever owned with this shortcomimg .. ? I have my work cut out for me if he's going to be ready for Pelee Island in 3 weeks ~ !

He was also usefull in pointing the downed birds in cover ... I managed to cartwheel , one duck and one goose that flew just within range of my Hatsun Escort ...

Basically we got soaked and had fun downing the only two birds that gave us a shot opportunity ... my shoulder held up , although a little sore tonight ... I hope to be back at it Monday ...

Hung all the gear in the garage to dry , and took a picture with Axle and the first waterfowl shot over him ...

Then of course came the gun cleaning , and bird cleaning followed , while I was getting washed up , my wife flashed up some beauty brased ducks strips in onions for me , and I cut up the the goose breasts into stuing chunks that she put in with a pot of spaghetti for work tomorrow ...

A fun day overall ! ...

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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