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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Final Report of This Week...

Got to work Sat , Sun .... So tonight I checked with my daughter to see how she was feeling ... she says " it's all good Dad " ... I said " Great , want to go for a hike " ? ... She says " Sorry , made plans to go shopping with Mom " .... I'm thinking " she must be feeling better ! "

Double check with my wife and get the go ahead to take my camera for a walk again ....

I check the usual spots but nothing pans out ....

I got a good idea where the deer and turkeys are , but I don't have permission on that property ...

I drive up to the farm and chat with the landowner .... he sounds reluctant and it seems like he has had some bad experiences with hunters ... he says " My neighbor won't let anybody on the property " ... I said " I won't cross your fenceline , I'd just like an opportunity to take a walk , stretch my legs , fill my lungs with some freash air , and snap a few frames of the wildlife I encounter ... I'll walk back the fencleine behind your shop and do a circle round ... maybe 1 hour tops "

I show him some pictures on the camera from yesterday and other areas ..... and he gives me the OK !

I walk out behind the farmers workshop heading North ... I bump into 2 geese at the swamp pond that are not happy to see me !

About 200 yards North down the fenceline I cross and walk West till I spot these deer over the ridge ... they had just walked thru the adjacent field fence row into the field I was in ... Pictures are so so because I'm shooting towards the sun .... Pentax K100D , 50-200mm lens with no filter ... ISO 800 ( should have been 400 , but I was a little distracted ! )

I belly over the ridge and bump into turkeys as well .... so far the wind is blowing from the West and nothing has spotted me yet ...

I crawl back using the field elevation as cover and start a slow long 100 yard circle to try to get to another fenceline cover to sneak over the ridge again ... as I head East to start my circle I notice a lone deer in the East field ... I have good background so it doesn't notice my movements ... colors are much better with the sun behind me ... I think it's a buck ...

I head back West ... and belly towards the ridge when I notice some heads coming over the ridge ... I freeze ... and keep snapping pictures ... the wind is in my face ... good !

I lay still and keep snapping .... 1 doe in particlular seems to be fixed on me but can't figure out what I am ... eventually more deer come over the ridge ...

You can see the lead doe is fixed on me , but the others are not sure what the problem is and look to the turkeys for a reaction ... the wind is still perfect !

Eventaully turkeys start over the ridge , with the deer .... the lead doe still stares at me and starts to circle around me ... I lay still and keep snapping ...

2 turkeys feed by a fawn ...

The lead doe works her way around me ... I have to wait each time she truns her head to get the camera turned ... I can hear turkeys clucking to my right but can't turn my head to look .... This is the closest she got to me ....

She walks past and another joins her .... I know there are turkeys beside me but I can't move to see ... This is the last frame I got , you can see the other doe lookig towards the turkeys ... all of a sudden the turkeys freak out and its a crazy fur and feather bug out ! .... I got a few frames of the melay but they are blurry ...

I get up to my knees and catch my breath ! .... I finish my walkabout ... This tree just kinda caught my eye on the way back ... cool colors in th background as the sun goes down ...

I walk back to the farm .... talk with the farmer and show him some of the frames I got .... he said he saw the deer run away over the hill while he was out burning garbage , but wasn't sure exactly where I was ... he chuckled at the amount of mud I had on me ! .... I thanked him again for the privledge of walking his property ... he seem a little more recepitive now .... I think I will be stopping in again sometime .

I missed the sun as it dropped out of the sky but did get 1 frame of the horizon ...

Well that's it for this week .... will be hooking up with Booby J. and Wylie H. next week for some scouting in their area ... hope to get some good turkey shots then ...
" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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