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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labour

Jon C. aka " Kendo Kid " ... stopped by today , to review a Whitetail deer calendar that he is working on for next season using my pictures to illustrate the seasons ... we pulled out some Venison medallions out of the freezer to do on the BBQ with some garlic sausage .

Hey ... got to enjoy the fruits of our labours !!

Some sweeeeeeet table fare ....

Jon enjoys a plate full , while my dog Sally paces in the kennel behind him , hoping to get some leftovers ... I think she remembers Jon from last seasons late goose hunts ! ...

PS : Keep an eye open for Jon's CalenDeer in 2008 .... It will have lots of great info ... Whitetail cycles , Observation / Patterning homework sheets , Tree Stand evaluation sheets etc ... A beauty bit of info from a hunters point of view , with pictures of local animals ( not all Monster Trophies , but animals we can all relate to from our time in the field in our neck of the woods ! )

Yep .. the sweeet venison treats ! ... I have some leftovers = ready for lunch snacks at work ...

As for the CalenDeer ... I'll keep you posted ... Jon picked up some potential pictures today , but I still have some months to work on , like June / July bucks in Velvet etc ....

We were reviewing some rut action photo's I have from years past .... and I came across these from a late season 3rd rut from a few years back ... It shows 2 young buck brothers ( middle bottom center / left of frame ) following a yearling doe ( bottom RH side of the frame flagging her tail ) ... while passing a mature doe with fawns ( top of frame = doe had probably been bred during the 1st rut ) .... anyway , it was a cool set of images capturing some 3rd rut activity ... the bucks passed a tree and scent marked then stayed right on the young does trail ...


Page break ....

I've also got some 1st rut pic's ... just trying to see where how they all fit in to tell the story of the Whitetail cycle during the year ..

Yep it was a cool photo opportunity for sure .... I've been back to that spot many times since and have never had a chance to see that group together like that ! .... The 2 bucks were obviously " in chase mode " .... I have the group picture enlarged and posted in my home gallery ... my wife likes that particular shot because of the fawn at the RH side of the frame looking like it has no idea of whats going on ...

The pictures were taken with a Pentax PZ10 35mm ... then scanned later to post , so thats why the picture quality is kind of grainy ... it is hard to tell from the views below but he was 5 on one side and 4 one the other .... a beauty nine point .

Here is the whole photo sequence , and write up from a previous post ...

I was looking into the bush when I saw movement from the cedar swamp up into the field ..... started with a large 9 point following a doe .... licking his nose as he trailed her ... then 1 by 1 the whole herd came up into the field ..... I managed to get 4 good shots before they spooked back into the cedars ..... the large 9 point was obviously starting to swell up and he ckecked me out before following the others ....

The whole encounter lasted approx 10 mins .... what a great photo opportunity ....

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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