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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Enjoying friends success in the field
1st off Congrat's to all the successfull whitetail hunters ! ...

The posts are pouring in now ... great pic's and stories !

It's late and I'm downloading some pic's ( brutal slow connection in rural area ) Frown

Some of you know how much fun I have documenting field adventures ...

One of my favorite things is too see the excitment on a friends face when they connect in the field ...

Two instances recently ... Started yesterday with Pydpiper on his first field set up for geese ... didn't take him long to figure out the lead on the long necks , before he grounded a couple !

The exciment in his voice when the first flock came in was priceless ...

Here is a picture of him with one of our first downed birds ...

We didn't have a dog with us that day , so it was David doing the retrieval duties ...

The birds changed fields so we did a quick pick-up to relocate ...

Never did stay for the afternoon hunt because we both had whitetail opener on the brain ...

Fast forward to today ...October 1st , Ontario Whitetail Archery Opener

We hit some Southern Ontario bushlots this morning ... Greylag scored a forkhorn from a proven hardwood stand he has hunted for years ... While CH , Skip and I hunted bushlots seperated by a concession road .

I had two nice bucks come thru ( ranged 57 yards ) , but not close enough for an arrow ..

CH and Skip had a slow morning as well , so CH and I hooked up after breakfast for some scouting while we waited for and evening stand ...

To kill time , We headed into the Guelph MNR to pick-up extra tags .

We drove by a spot CH usually hunts later in the season to pick up his trail camera card ..

I said , lets put the card my camera and see what you got ... Pulled a few pictures of a decent buck messing with some racoons .

The timer showed earlier this morning just before 6 am ... I said to Chris " you gotta hunt that spot tonight ... a couple of soft contact grunts , and he will find you "

So CH headed into that spot while I scouted another farm ...

After a quick nap and a perimeter search , I get in late and set up at a heavy travel trail between two food sources , and soon have a couple does coming across the field to me ... I'm thinking " sweeeeet , a beauty doe for the freezer "

Then a light buzz in my pocket brings me this text message !

I'm thinking " Awsome ! , Chris connected " ... I'm eyeing up the does , when the next thing I hear is my phone go off ( I had silenced the ringer for the text but not the phone ! Embarassed Surprised ) I wisper into the phone and hear Chris's exicted voice ! boooo ya BBD , I need help ASAP !

I hussle down as the does nervously walk off ...

I'm soon at CH's location and he excitedly walks me thru the whole scenerio ... From the text book 30 yards shot out of his homemade stand ...

Text book double lung shot = complete pass thru and a good arrow recovery .

I get a walk up shot ...

Then a shot of CH and his buck in the bush where it fell ...

We drag it to the edge of the field to tag and dress it out for a trip to the butcher ...

The last shot I get is some geese passing over the tree line with a nearly full moon in the sky ...

And to boot , Chris got the whole thing on Video ! ( I'll post it later )

Couldn't have been a better day ! ...Congrat's again , to all that have scored ... heading to bed now to get some sleep in prep for day two !
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