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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Emptied the camera tonight ...
Been awhile since I have had any time to download pictures ... I emptied the cameras tonight ..

Some of you may remember last October , we moved to an old stone farm house ... it was built in 1852 .

Blew the whole budget on the farm , so my wife and I took on all the misc renovations inside the house ( a little at a time as our schedules alow )... we stripped the upstairs rooms and hall way and put down laminate floor ... as well as fresh paint in all the rooms ..

It has been slow going but we are enjoying our handy work ... it has been a challenge , since in a house this age , there are not too many straight or level surfaces Laughing

But well placed piece's of shim , and misc furniture can cover alot ! Laughing

Still a long way to go ... lots of paint to strip and floors to sand ..

I have also picked up a new dog , his name is Sako ... actually he is an older dog ( he will be 8 in May ) he was going to be put down due to a biting incident with another family ... I have been working with him daily an is progressing well ..

He was a little heavy when he arrived ...

But he runs the farm daily and is a lean machine now ( pictured pointing the cats under the deck )

Most of you will remember Spike our mini Dachshund ... well it took awhile for Sako to realize Spike was not prey ... now they get along OK ... side by side begging for treats , or bedded in the shop as I work on projects , or bedded in the computer room when I'm downloading pic's ...

Still manage to get out a bit and got some misc shots that caught my eye before the big melt ...

Deer in the bush ...

Turkeys along the creek ..

Wonder if this deer has enough food ?  Laughing

Some local horses ...

A cool series of shots of a foraging coon ..

The 1st shed antler I found this season ...

Getting the hunting room sorted out ... still unpacking boxes and loading shelves ..

The Y25 is hung up for the season ..

Well that's all the pictures I had on file .... back to the renovations , dog training , work and other misc tasks life throws at us daily ...

Good luck to all in the upcoming spring turkey hunt !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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