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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Closing Day Goose Hunt 2007

Hooked up with Jon C. ( aka Kendo kid ) , and John N. It was John N's first chance at some Southern Ontario Geese ... he had tried to get out with us on a previous hunt but got held-up with a priority job at work ...

John N. has had three seasons after long necks , but things haven't panned out .... he was hoping to change that with us Wednesday afternoon ...

We met Jon C. and headed to the property ... On the way Jon C. spotted some deer .... I pulled over and started into the field with the camera .... got a few frames before they decided to bug out !

I also walked over to the river and snapped a shot of our target prey ... I looked at them and said " hope to see some of you later " ... Laughing

We got to the property and headed into the field with our gear loaded on sleds and Magnum decoy bags .... a veeeeery loooong walk in .... 2 deer cross the field at the area we are intending to set up ...

Here is a shot that I took about half way in to the hike ... we could drive the truck to the end of the lane ....the rest was a long haul !

Later Jon C. makes the long walk back to retrieve a piece of forgotten gear ! ( it would turn out to be the 1st of many long walks for Jon C. that afternoon / evening ! ) Laughing

We had the standard small family group set up , with 3 shooting stations approx 65 yards apart ...

This was John N's shooting station ...

We were set up by approx 2:00 pm .... sat back and enjoyed the bright sunny afternoon ... I actually caught some ZZZZZ 's ! .... the birds made us wait until after 5:00 pm until they showed up over the horizon .... there were ducks and geese .... problem was they were locked in on a field next to us , and made a bee line straight to it ... our goose calls fell on deaf ears ! and they didn't even give our decoys a second look ! ?

That is when Jon C. decides .... I'm going to get John N. some shooting .... it is too late to relocate , so he heads out to walk the property and keep the birds moving ....

John N. and myself walk over to the fenceline to get some pass shooting ....

Jon C's walkabout had the " desired effect " and the birds would swing our way occationally ....

That is when John N. starts to connect ! In the next 35 mins he knocks down 7 birds ! .... not bad for his first successfull goose hunt ! .... I tried to get some pictures but was juggeling the camera and the gun ... here is the 1st series of shots I did get of some geese flying over John N's position ... If you look at the one at the back of the flock you will see " he aint flying so good " and he drops out of the formation by the 3rd frame " good shot John ! Laughing

Going ...

Going ... gone !

Up till now .... " I aint doing so well " my decicion to bring my Beretta 20 gauge with 3 inch mag # 2 shot 1oz loads is starting to wear on me ( hey it worked great Tuesday afternoon )

Picture from Tuesday ... but then again , I wasn't juggling a camera then ! LaughingLaughing 

As birds pass " just out of range " .... I miss many shots that I would have made with my Remington 870 SP 3 inch BBB's !

I have to be picky and target birds at 30-35 yards max !

Here are some that came in close enough .... I eventually pick up 6 singles out of many passers by ! Laughing

Jon C. is still on his walkabout .... also chasing down a cripple .... John N. heads back to his chair for " more shells " Laughing

I turn and take a picture of the Moon in the East and the Sun setting in the West ...

We start picking up gear ... I pull the white electrical tape off my Beretta ( the boys have been ribbing me all night about it , and start calling me Red Green ! ) .... I put 5 of my birds out for an " end of the day shot " ... while John N. picks up my last bird ..

Everything packed on the sleds .. I tie 2 together to pack out my gear and start the long walk back to the truck ! Jon and John do the same with their gear ...

John N. takes awhile to catch his breath ( he was carrying the 50 lb backpack and a sled of 7 geese )  LaughingLaughing Then I snap a picture for him as a reminder of his first " successfull goose hunt " ! Congrat's John !

Where are the pictures of Jon C. ? Well lets just say , he didn't stand still long enough for me to get a focus on him !  Laughing He must have walked 10 km tonight ! .... For a guy that is 60 + years old ... he can still " hustle in the field " .... hats off to a guy that goes the extra mile to make sure his guests get " some shooting " !! Laughing

Great day out , great weather .... great way to end the season
" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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