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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Close Encounter

I was in Mississauga this a.m. to meet with Wylie H. and Bobby S. to check out their website ... http://www.acadventures.ca/ and discuss the idea of hosting my outdoor pic's for others to enjoy on that website ....

I'm am humbled ! .... Meeting Wylie H. was inspirational to say the least ! ... here is a guy that 12yrs ago at age 28 , survived a devistating auto accident that has left him wheelchair bound ..... and yet If you close your eyes when you talk to him , hear the passion in his voice when he describes his outdoor adventures , sportsfishing and hunting .... you would never know he had a disability ! ! ( he shoots and Exomax and an older model Exocet )

Hat's off to you Wylie .... I would be honored to have you host a wildlife picture gallery at your site .... and Hat's off to Bobby  for sharing time and outdoor adventures with your friend ! ! ....

That said .... back to the coyote ....

I'm driving home West on the 401 .... thinking ... man , I better get some cool pictures , if Wylie wants new updates ever week !  Laughing

I'm daydreaming thinking about the standard duck , geese and turkey shots I have taken so far this week ..... ( kind a drab normal stuff ) ... when I catch a glimpse of a coyote approx 200 yards out at the North end of a corn stubble field .... I pull over and park my wifes Corolla ( cheaper on gas for those 401 runs ) along the ditch .... grab my Pentax K100D with the 200mm lens on it , and hussle into the field ...

I can't see they coyote now , but I'm picturing his travel path as I wade thru waste deep snow drifts to a fence line .... I find a heavy travel path between the 2 field hammered down with coyote tracks .... I hunker in the fenceline with my back to a huge century old tree and wait ...

I scan the rolling hill corn stuble , but can't see the coyote ? ... I wait approx 5 mins and decide he must have seen or heard me swimming in thru the snow drift !  LaughingLaughing and took off ....

I'm just about to leave when I catch movement just over the rise and he comes in at approx 35 yards ... the wind is hard in my face ...

I end up snapping 95 frames of him as he zig zags and mouses thru the field .... he is at 20 yards now , ans still doesn't see me .... 15 yards when he puts his head down and it looks like he is staring right at me ! .... I'm getting nervous now! .... he is at 10 yards and seems to be looking right at me !! , I'm thinking " this ain't the spooky coyotes I'm use to ! "

I keep snapping pictures and at the 5 yards mark he flares sideways ( must have heard the camera ) .... I get one frame and he is off like his " hair is on fire " Laughing ... I don't know if I even took a breath on during the last 15 yards !

Man that was exciting !

Here are 5 of the 95 frames I took ... from 35 yards in to 5 yards , before he took off !

I'm thinking " man , I must have got some cool shots in that batch ! " ..... got many blurred shots since I had to go to manual focus as he walked thru the corn stubble .... but those 5 frames turned out " pristeen " I got home and while the pic's were downloading from the camera , I called Wylie and said " wait till you see what I got ! "  LaughingLaughing
" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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