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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Climber info from my Experience
Lots of debate on whether or not climbing stands are worth the effort ...

I'm looking forward to getting together with Wylie H. and putting his Timber Lift to the test this fall ....

Just goes to show you " where there is a will , there is a way " ... A combination of Wylie's determination to slug into the bush and the Timberlifts ability to get him into an evelavate position should prove lethal on the whitetails this season ! Laughing ( I'm hoping to use my climber close to his location and get some cool action shots this fall ) ...

Anyway .... here here is my take on the climber type stands ....

Man I love my climber ! .... I love the way I am able to scout and set up where I find fresh sign .... not where the deer were yesterday , but where the deer were hours before ...

Here is some info from my personal experience = ( believe 50% of what you hear and 100% of what you experience for yourself ! )

I have Summit Viper now ... but when I first got into climbers ... I used a cheap Warren and Sweat Master Climber ( blade style ) ....

Here is a link to a thread from last year where the flexablity of the climber , allowd me to relocate on a deer saw the previous evening and fill my WM80 doe tag ...


Back in 2002 ... I was invited to hunt on a property I had never been on ... with the late Mikey V. and his friend Rick E. .... They moved to set up in their location and I scouted the property ( face into the wind ) and found a beauty funnel area between two bush lots ...

Found a beauty tree that looked good for an ambush and went up in my climber ...

To make a long story short ... I had a nice 10 point come by me ( see picture in heavy cover ) .... and took him in a 35 yard opening soon after this frame was taken ...

Here is a picture of my gear at the base of that tree ...

My arrow ....

Followed the blood trail to the buck and took a picture with my gear packed on the climber ....

Straight trees are best to climb , but when you get use to the climber you can navigate around some pretty knarly trees !

Not every bush has great straight maples etc .... but here is a shot of Mikey V. climbing a rough bark tree in heavy cover ... the accuracy of the Excalibur crossbow set up allows you to snipe through some minimal openings from an elevated position ... which makes the climber and crossbow a leathal combo !

The climber allowed me the ability to pack in and set up in a tree where I took these two bucks back in 2004 .... it was the last few days of the season ... we were hunting in a group to fill out the last of our tags ...

Hike in a carve a tree in some of the croaked out stands of pine that deer like to travel ...

Some people don't like back packing the climber , but I have never had a problem .... I love to hike aways in and set up on a whim ...

You can squeeze into some nasty heavy cover which gives you a good background .... ( a wicked wall of cedars behind me provides a beauty cover scent as well )

Here is a picture of Chris H. .... hiking way back to an area a few years back ... He still hunts with the same climber and took his first 10 point last fall ....

Anyway .... I really enjoy being " mobile " and the climber " fits the bill " .... has worked out great for me many times in the past = my $0.02

Good luck to all that venture out after whitetails this fall !

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.
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