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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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An awesome afternoon in the field = Y25 Relayer Bird # 2
1st off ... here is a big Congrat's to Chris Kindree's 12yr old son Kurtis !

Took his first wild turkey (an 18 lb jake) on opening day ( April 25th ) .
The next time Kurtis is out with his dad ( two days later ) he tells dad " he only wants to shoot toms now "  Laughing

This ... after Chris called in three other jakes !  Laughing

A perfect 20 yard head shot on opening day , with a load of # 6 shot , out of a Remington 870 , made this the 1st turkey of Kurtis's turkey hunting career and made Chris K. a proud daddy !

Congrat's again guys ! ... Well done .


Page break ... fast forward to Wednesday May 11th .

Caught up all the grass cutting and chores yesterday .


So , when I got out of work today ( Thursday May 12th ) , I headed North to meet up with CH and Skip for an afternoon turkey hunt ...

Approx 3:00pm I was driving some backroads , scouting on the way up .... didn't even get half to where I was going to meet the guys when I spotted jakes and toms in a field along the South end of a bush lot ...


There were no houses close by and I wasn't sure who's property it was ? ... I started driving to see if I could find the landowner ... was lucky enough to find the farmer working the field to the North , so I stopped to ask for permission to hunt ... after a brief introduction , he gave me the boundary info for his farm and agreed to let me go in with my crossbow only ... he said the area had been hunted pretty hard between his farm and the next 2 adjacent farms , and he was more comfortable with archery tackle then guns .

I thanked him and , and quickly gathered my gear for an afternoon set up ... I figured the birds had moved quite a ways since I last saw them , so I moved to the area of the bush that I felt would be closest to their travel route ( also based on some info the farmer just gave me re: where he sees the birds this time of day ) As soon as I got into the bush it was obvious there had been other hunters , by the amount of tracks ( lots of fresh human tracks. )

I figured what the heck and started walking South thru the bush ... about 100 yards from the field edge I spotted a bird that appeared to be looking my way ... with the amount of slash between us , and the fact that I was camoed from head to toe , I didn't figure the bird had seen me clearly ? So I backed off and set up at the base of a tree grouping that gave me good background and alowed me a good line of sight if birds moved back into the bush when I called ...

A quick loud hen call session followed by a few quick cuts and purrs on my box call , then I shut up and listened .... nothing ... 20 mins go by and still nothing ? ... Not even one gobble reply ?

I figure I must have been spotted during my set up , so I decide to get up for another peek at the field .... I get up on one knee slowly , look thru the slash and I freeze !

Approx 80 yards away I see one jake with his head down and another looking my way ... I ease back into my seat ( which is at a lower elevation then they are ) and get ready ... I slowly give a few quick light hen cuts and shut up ... I'm thinking " you know the routine rick ... just be paitent " !

Another 20 mins and still no response , no movement , nothing ??? ... Then I hear what I think is deer walking to my right ? ... I slowly turn my head , but don't see anything ... I scan front and left but nothing ... Then again I hear what sounds like the deer walking thru leaves ?

I turn again right slowly and freeze again ( stop breathing ! )
( I guess my eyes aren't what they use to be , because there wasn't anything there a minuet ago ? )

I now see two Toms together approx 30 yards behind some trees , looking my way .
Then I heard a light cluck , and out of the corner of my eye I see the jakes sneaking in out in front of me ( can't remember If I've taken a breath yet   Laughing ) , but I slowly move my hand and trigger finger into place on my Y25 Relayer that was sitting perched on my raised left knee ...

A jake starts to alarm ...  Surprised ... then the jakes move off to my left ... I can't move because the toms are looking my way ...

The jakes putt off and the two toms walk into approx 17 yards ( they are still to my right ) ... the whole time they are looking at the jakes ( to my left ) ....

They freeze at 17 yards and look directly at me ... I think " that's it ... their gone ! ... I don't even want to blink !

Well luck was with me ! ... they walked by me towards the departing jakes , and when the 2nd bird ( he had to longest beard ) , put his head down to peck the ground ( quartering away now at 12 yards ! ) ... I settled the 10 yard hash mark of my Lumizone > high / vitals , slapped the trigger of my Y25 Relayer and an Easton XX75 with 130 Grain Wasp Broadhead on board ripped right thru him !

All heck broke loose .... he somersaulted / flapped / ran about 15 yards and started flapping in circles ! .... The other tom came right at him to beat the crap out him , and the jakes took flight !

You should have seen the eyes pop out of the 2nd tom when I launched to my feet to secure my prize ! ... Let's just say , he flew " mach one " and caught up with the retreating jakes in a hurry !  Laughing

I check the time and it's 4:45pm ... Takes me awhile to find my arrow but it looks nearly new with only one dull blade .

Here are some field shots of my 2nd 2011 Ontario Spring turkey ...

My set up ...


Shooting lane ...


Tagged and trophy shots ...






And one shot at my favorite turkey hanging site ....


Excalibur Y25 Relayer # 100
Custom " Boo " string and polished trigger unit .
Custom top load " Munch Mount "
Easton XX75 Aluminum Arrows with my favorite Wasp 130 Gr Broadheads.

Man that was one of the funnest hunts I have ever had ! .... I've had birds come in the the last 10 or 20 yards silent after a gobble session , but never had birds silent from start to finish ? ( I'm told it's not uncommon though for pressured birds ? )

I get ahold of CH by cell ... only to find out he called in a monster for Skip ( his father in law ) ... Skip " stones the monster " at 25 yards ,and CH gets the whole thing on video to boot ...

I will post the video when we figure how to get it off his camera ! ( I've seen it ... it's cool ! ) Laughing

On to calling and pictures for friends now for the rest of the season ...

Good luck to all that continue to chase those bearded birds ! ... Hunt Safe and Have fun !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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