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Wednesday, 06 April 2011
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In Australia we were on a 56 ft. boat.  I had to be lifted down stairs to my bedroom and up again to the fishing chair. With a lot of help from Russ I was able to get in and out to use the bathroom and shower.  (I think I still have the scars!).  Even with these obstacles we were able to do it.  The fishing was amazing!  We tagged 19 black marlin in nine days.  I personally tagged what was estimated as a “Grandeur” or a 1,000 lb. black marlin.  We caught other marlin ranging from 250 lb. to 900 lb. and the sharks were as big as 600 lb.

I was able to fight the fish from a fishing chair, with the help of a BCD that was used to keep me anchored in the chair.  This left my arms free to reel without losing my balance (thanks Gerald, for your ingenuity on that one!).  We caught black marlin, sharks, maui maui (durado), tuna, wahoo and mackerel.  In the mornings after breakfast we all snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef for a couple of hours.  The underwater scenery was unbelievable!  Gerald and Russ were able to spearfish for other small fish and catch an evening meal.  We would spend an hour or so trolling out to the fishing grounds trying to pick up baitfish for the marlin.  Marlin fishing started around noon and ran until sundown when we’d head back to the reef and anchor for the night.  After the evening meal we’d join other boats’ clients and crews for some good camaraderie, ‘Down Under’ style!

We switched from fishing and headed into the Outback for the wild boar hunt via small planes and a 4 x 4.  We spent three days sleeping under a canopy in the outdoors. The outfitter had a flatbed 4 x 4 with three chairs welded to it, like a Beverly Hillbillies design!  The three of us would sit in the chairs with our rifles ready and hunt wild boars as our guide drove all over the Outback.  A couple of times Russ would keep me from falling out of the chair with a well-placed forearm across my chest. We harvested eight wild boars in our three-day hunt, the biggest one being approximately 250 lb.  Although everything was not totally accessible, it was an amazing trip and it fueled my fire to get back to hunting as much as I could.

The First Marlin

Durado or Maui Maui

Makeral AKA Baitfish

An Intense Battle

The Battle Continues....

The Giant Black Marlin est 1000+ lbs!

A 500 lb Shark for Gerry

Rusty with a Wahoo

Hunting in The Outback!

A 250 lb Wild Boar

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