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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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A yarded herd near Drumbo
I saw a deer herd North of the 401 near Wolverton RD bridge on the way home after the Excal 3d fun shoot ?

I was on my way to Cambridge to pick up my table saw when I saw them ..

I drove down to 97 cut off ... turned around , when I got back , the deer had left the filed ... I got off at Oxford Rd 29 and drove to the farm on Twsp Rd 8 ... asked for permission to walk the swail for some pictures ... ( no great close up's .. still had my small lens on from the 3D fun shoot ) , but some cool shots anyway ..

When I arrived at the farm , the farmer said he had been watching approx 30 deer for awhile in a cut been field , but they left the field approx 10 mins ago ...

He gave me permission to go for a hike ..

The wind was good , so I stalked down the East side fence row and found the deer moving thru the swail towards another food source ...

I used the fence row as cover and slowly moved closer ...

Got within 40 yards of this one before it spooked ..

The other deer reacted to the single busting out and gathered approx 80 yards North/East of my position ... they watched the other deer flash into the bush , but didn't pick me out yet ..

You can see the bright light from the sun setting in the West ..

If you look at the left of this frame , you will see two small rack bucks walking close together ..

In this frame , you can see them starting to spar while a small single sided spike buck walks in from the left ...

One of the small rack bucks , puts the chase to the single sided spike buck ( seen here , jumping the fence )

The small rack buck dogs the spike into the bush ..

The other deer move on ... I work my way to the spot where they jumped the fence ...

This the last frame I got ... The setting sun lights up a group of approx 12 deer ... the lead doe ( right side of frame ) see's me moving across an opening and they all head back into the bush ..

Great way to end the day ... watching whitetails ... filling my lungs with the cool evening air ( better then the dust I had been breathing earlier today , cutting laminate floor , in my quest to catch up home renovations after the bow season ! Laughing )

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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