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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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A nice size doe
Earlier this week , got to witness this beauty sunrise ! ( Tuesday morning )

Been hunting a small corn plot that has clearing on both sides ...

Randy S. and I carved a few new trees for our climbers around the perimeter ... but the bucks have eluded us ...

Even a used natural blind from some missed corn where a tree down prevented the cut ...

It was near where I saw a buck the other day ...

The old Jeep has been holding it's own , and gets me around most places on the farm ...

We have had some wet days ... so we stop by at the farmers wood shed to let our gear dry out ...

So many bean fields to choose from ... the deer are really spread out .

When the sun does show it's self ... we aren't the only ones enjoying it !

Conestoga Lake Pheasant season opened on Wednesday ... I spotted this bird in the grass Tuesday .

Randy S. braved the rain and gail force winds to collect a two bird limit on Wednesday morning ... he stopped by later to dry out his gear and I snapped a quick picture of him and dog Abby ...

Thursday evening ... I decided to buckle down and fill on of my WMU 80 tags ( got two extra antler / anterless tags for 80 from the Guelph office )

We had scouted a bean field earlier this week , with some relatively fresh tracks indicating recent use .. I managed to get my Tachoma away from my wife for the day ... loaded it up ... headed North about 1 hour from home , parked it at the head of the trail ...

Carved a new climber tree overlooking a transition between two bean fields ... was settled in by 5 pm

The deer would have to cross this trail to get to the beans ...

6:35 pm .... I see movement in the bush to the east of my location ... I see two does coming ... I pick the biggest of the two and when she passes my 30 yard mark , I launch a 2213 with a 130 Grain Wasp Broadhead on board , off the deck of my Y25 Relayer ...

Looks like a perfect double lung , slightly quartering away ... she bolts down the trail , under the stand and out into a clover field ... she is out of sight now so I wait 25 mins before I come down to check .... arrow looks good !

I take one quick shot of my gear when I'm on the ground and head towards her last location ...

She expired soon after passing out of sight ... dragged and tagged .... then home to get some sleep ...

Heading out again Friday , with some friends from work .. Want to spend some time now trying to figure out a local buck ... They are few and far bewteen in my neck of the woods ...

Good Luck to all that are chasing Whitetails this week !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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