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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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A Bachelor Group Tonight..

Saw a group of bucks in some beans on my way home ... only had my pocket size point and shoot Olympus with me ... the light was fading , but I did get some grainy shots to ID the bucks at a later date ... also saw a fawn on the way in ...

I used the wind in mt favor and got a shot of them along a fence line where the bean field is narrow , only about 40 yards across ...

They slipped thru the fenceline ... I had to move around and relocate as they fed into the big bean field ... watched them till just before dark .

I'll be slipping into that spot tomorrow a few hours earlier with my good camera !

Went back for more pictures tonight .

I had my wife drop me off tonight so as not to draw any attention with my truck parked there ... ( brought my good camera along )

I used the wind and scouted the entire property ( approx 500 acres of beans )

Found the mature bucks tracks and followed at a snails pace to scope out where they might be bedded ..

The main trail skirted the field ... some corn still coming up along the edges of the fields ...

The heavy buck track followed a tractor path , and wove in and out obviously randomly feeding on beans ...

Heavy trails in the tractor path leading to what I thought was the bedding area ( a shaded , treed low area ) .. just over the rise , so I stayed out and observed at a distance ( wind was perfect for me ) .

I had
about an hour and a half to kill before I thought they would show , so I backed off and walked to the river ... got a nice close up of two geese preening with one lifting his leg to show off his leg band ... Laughing

Some geese flew out to feed ... so I hiked to the road and my wife picked me up after dropping my daughter at soccer ... headed in the direction of the last flight and found a field they were landing in ... that general area shows good promise for next weeks early opener ...

My wife drove me back and I slowly snuck back in for the last 1/2 hour of good sunlight .... sat down wind in some cover and watched the beans ... The bachelor group came out as the sun was going down and were too far off for a decent picture .... at least I know the bedding area now ...

Going to keep my eye on that group into September ...

August 30th/2007

Went back to " The field " again tonight ... saw the bucks cross in the distance ... looked like they had a doe with them , so I took time to relocate and put my self in a place I figured they would feed out to and I settled in .... I just about gave up ... almost 8 pm when they came within 25 yards of me ... the pictures are so so quality as I switched from 800 / 1600 / 3200 ISO to get the frames in low light and hand held ...

The wind wasn't ideal for me but I was hunkered down in the tractor track ... and snapped away ... at 1st I thought they had me pegged ... but they couldn't figure out what I was .... I wish they were that stupid in the fall !

The doe and one smaller buck actually walked towards me ....

But the wind swirled a little and they walked nervously back to the group ..

The doe got antsy and headed off to my right...

The bucks focused on a car out at the side road and I thought I could move slightly since my legs were getting cramped up from squatting ...

Wrong ! as soon as I moved , the small buck caught me ...

The doe bolted back to the group and they were all off in a hurry ...

Switched quickly to 3200 ISO and got 2 more frames ...

They settled down at the next fence line and I watched them walk towards the West until dark set in ...

Can hardly wait to see the wide one , out of velvet !

Sunday, September 2nd

Been keeping an eye on the bean field , some low impact scouting from a distance ... have not seen the big boy in two days but did see whitetails flashing in the distance this morning ... got a quick shot of two coyotes cruising the beans ...

Maybe they got the deer moving ... ?

" Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "

See Ya. R.J.

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