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Saturday, 30 June 2012
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1st time out chasing " long necks " this season
Was too busy to get out on opening day .... ( never thought I would hear myself say that ! )

But today , Randy S. and myself got an invite out , for a morning hunt with the " Peterson clan " ..

Couldn't pass that invite up ! ... The rain put a damper on my camera work this morning but I did get a few shots thru the day ...

In the morning , we hunted out of brushed out coffin blinds in a local grain stubble field ..

Court's dad has a monster collection of decoys .. all shapes and sizes , but here are a few shots of the most realistic looking deeks I've ever seen !

We had a great morning shoot ... everybody got a chance to add to the bag limit ... We even had a curious OPP officer stop by to check us out .. Nice guy , he came in just before we were packing up for the morning ... chatted us up for awhile , wished us luck and headed out ... just doing his job I guess !

We packed up all the gear , and started the morning cleaning session ...

The Peterson Clan had to head out early to get ready for an afternoon wedding ... so Randy and I went for breakfast and a scouting drive .. We were driving the boundry of my new farm purchase , when we bumped into another hunter ..

We headed North to a spot we have had permission on for years ... we hadn't scouted it yet ( been too busy ) , but it has panned out for us in the past , and we were really looking forward to having an afternoon nap in the field ... ! Laughing

W set up in a grain stubble field between two farms ...

Also noticed the corn is doing well so far this year ...

For the afternoon hunt we used our standard shell decoys , with our goose chairs ...

After a long afternoon nap in the sun .. We watched many high flying flocks pass in the distance ..

We did manged to ground a few out of one flock that came our way ...

Here is a nice pair , posed with my Hatsun Escort and one of the goose chairs ..

All in all , a great day in the field with friends ... We managed to thin the local goose population by 29 birds and even though the rain soaked us in the morning , Randy and I were well suntanned / dried out by the end of the afternoon hunt !

Good luck to all that are planning to chase the " long necks " thru the week ! ... I hear the weather is going to be nice !

See Ya. ... R.J. > " Remember , Trophies are measured by the time and energy expended to get them , not the size or quantity of the quarry "
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