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Welcome to ACA

Accessible Canadian Adventures (ACA) designs, coordinates and arranges hunting,  fishing  and wildlife photography adventures specifically for disabled sportsmen and women.   Able bodied anglers and hunters are encouraged to explore ACA's network of outfitters and regional adventure sites.

The vast expanse of the Canadian wilderness reaches places where distance is measured in imagination, not miles.  Tell us where you want to experience your adventure and what specific hunting/fishing expedition you desire, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Our specialized network includes the finest outfitters who can provide the disabled and able bodied sports person a window of opportunity to hunt big game, fish for their prize catch or film wildlife photography in remote areas of the Canadian wilderness.  Our outfitters and guides perform their responsibilities professionally and ethically.  Clean lodgings with friendly hosts make sure the experience will match your expectations.

We thank all our associated outfitters and guides.  They are passionately dedicated to serve you, the client, and give you the best Canadian adventure.


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